Kris Kleski


Kris Kleski - Chemistry Major

How we got NERD/D...

  • Issac     Newton - laws o motion, gravity laws, and binomial theorem
  • Albert   Einstein - relativity
  • Ernst     Rutherford - proton
  • Marie    Dubois - Homo erectus
  • Charles Darwin - natural selection     

The award I pronounced "Nerd - dee!"

 Here is a little bit about Kris Kleski:
How long have you been attending at Rio?  This is my 4th year.

Over the years how many different courses in the School of Sciences have you taken? (estimate if you can't remember exactly )  20

What one science course - not counting this semester - was the one that you have found the most fascinating/interesting so far at Rio...and why?   Organic Chemistry: I typically prefer more quantitative courses, but I really enjoyed the class.  Organic synthesis, to be more specific, is what I enjoyed the most. Using the reactions that were learned to create a final product was like a fun puzzle.

In your discipline, Chemistry, what individual (or 2or 3) would you most like to spend a day with so you could pick their brain? (you can choose someone no longer walking the planet). If I were to choose someone famous it would be Carl Sagan.  He seemed like on of the few famous scientists I could actually hold a comfortable conversation with.

What is your favorite food?   Pork and sauerkraut

What is your favorite all-time movie (or two)?   I honestly don't know, some of the movies I have watched multiple times and never get old: The Indiana Jones trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, No Country for Old Men, Blade Runner, Alien, Predator.. I also like some series such as Breaking Bad and I am currently into the show Fringe.

What is your favorite hobby/past-time activity? I usually spend the weekends playing gams with friends whether it be card games or video games.  I also like to golf. 

Describe he part of taking  course you like he most. (For example: sitting in on lecture, participating in a lab, taking an exam, writing a term paper, etc.) Why? Studying at home. I find it comfortable to sit down at home and study in quiet.

If you could go anywhere in the U.S. for you first job as professional, where would it be? I prefer to stay in southeastern Ohio.  If I were to move outside of Ohio, I might choose Washington State.

If you cold give an incoming (i.e., freshman) science major on piece of advice of how to succeed (i.e., learn a bunch) during their undergraduate years at Rio, what would it be? Just like many things, you get out what you put in. If you're serious about higher education in science, you should be willing (as you are expected) to spend MANY hours dedicated towards it.

What is your favorite quote? "Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?"~Andrew Ryan