Job Opportunities


Job Opportunities Available with Environmental Science Degree:


The field of environmental science is broad and changing. This can lead to flexibility in job hunting. Below is a list of some sources for jobs in government and the private sector.

  • Environmental Protection Agency - State and Regional Offices

  • County Soil and Water Conservation

  • County Health Departments - Environmental Division

  • Industry - Environmental Monitoring/Compliance with Regulations

  • Power Plants - Environmental Monitoring/Compliance with Regulations

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • State Departments of Natural Resources

  • Environmental Clean-Up

  • Environmental Education - Museums, Parks, Zoos, Nature Centers

  • Environmental Consulting Firms

  • Green Businesses - testing and marketing of environmental products


The job market for environmental science majors is expected to grow 25% in the next 10 years as new environmental regulations require corporations to comply with environmental laws. The US Department of Labor estimates the average salary is $61,100. The salary would vary greatly with location and level of experience.


Graduate Success:

Our graduates have obtained jobs in Soil and Water Conservation, County Health Departments, Industry, and Wastewater Treatment. A few have chosen to go on to graduate school. Students are required to do a senior internship and several have been employed afterwards by the same agency or by a similar agency in another part of the state.