Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to take chemistry courses during my first year at Rio Grande?

If you have any interest in majoring in Chemistry, you should enroll in General Chemistry during your first year.

Should I take Principles of Chemistry before I take General Chemistry?

Students who are majoring in the sciences should NOT take Principles of Chemistry before taking General Chemistry. Both courses are introductory-level chemistry courses and cover many of the same topics. Principles of Chemistry is directed toward non-science majors, focusing more on chemistry concepts. General Chemistry is directed toward science majors and covers these topics at a deeper level than does Principles of Chemistry.

How many students will be in my chemistry classes and labs?

General Chemistry typically has the largest enrollment (as many as 30 students), while upper-level chemistry courses will have much smaller enrollments. All chemistry labs are capped at 24 students.

How do chemistry classes at Rio Grande compare with other schools?

Students who complete the General Chemistry sequence are performing at or above national norms, as demonstrated with American Chemical Society standardized exams.

How much math is required for the B.S. in Chemistry?

The Bachelor's degree requires students to complete Calculus I and Calculus II. Depending upon a student's high school preparation, Precalculus may be required while taking General Chemistry I.

What kind of technology will I get to use in the Chemistry program at Rio Grande?

Students will be trained to use a variety of instruments that are common in the chemistry laboratory (please see the Chemistry Facilities webpage for a list of these instruments). In addition, the Chemistry Department has access to 16 new Dell desktop computers in the School of Sciences computer laboratory and 20+ Dell laptop computers that are used in the chemistry laboratories.

What kind of computer technology is available at Rio Grande?

Rio Grande has a high-speed fiber-based network that provides excellent internet bandwidth (including Internet2 connectivity). RioNET Wireless is available in every building. For more information regarding computer technology at Rio Grande, please visit the Campus Computing & Networking webpage.

Will I get to do any research?

All Chemistry majors at Rio Grande are required to complete a research project during their final year in the program. Students also have the opportunity (and are encouraged) to participate in research opportunities prior to their final year at Rio Grande.

Are there any scholarships that I can get for being a Chemistry major?

Rio Grande has the Choose Ohio First scholarship for outstanding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) majors as well as a variety of named scholarships for science majors. The Chemistry Department is also sponsoring a competition for which scholarships are awarded to major in Chemistry at Rio Grande.