Kidd Math/Science Entrance

The Kidd Math/Science opened in 1985. With an award winning masonry design, the center's front doors open to a glass atrium with live plants & a trickling pond. A spacious lobby follows with comfortable studying facilities. Our center houses three large chemistry labs, three biology labs, one physics lab, one computer lab, lecture rooms, faculty offices and a large bent glass greenhouse that enhances the view of our campus. McKenzie Hall opened in 1997 providing math/science students along with the nursing students, two large lecture halls, a variety of lecture rooms, an anatomy lab, three computer labs, faculty offices and a conference room with a beautiful view of campus and the surrounding landscape.

The campus is located in a rural area with both on and off-campus sites available for field study of streams, lakes, wetlands and woodlands.


 Kidd Math/Science Lobby
Used for studying and gathering between classes.


 Kidd Math/Science 110 Lab
Used for Environmental Science, Biology 2, Botany & Genetics


 Kidd Math/Science 101 Lab
Used for Biology 1 & Principles of Biology



Kidd Math/Science 108
Used for upper division biology including ecology & veretbrate zoology







 Solar Panel