Chiropractic Courses

Required Courses

BIO 12104  Biology I (General Education)
BIO 12204  Biology II
CHM 15005  General Chemistry I (General Education)
CHM 15505  General Chemistry II
CHM 26202  Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 26303  Organic Chemistry Theory I
CHM 27202  Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 27303  Organic Chemistry Theory II
COM 11103  Fundamentals of Speech Communication (General Education)
ENG 11103  Composition I (General Education)
ENG 11203  Composition II (General Education)
HPE 34403  Introduction to Biomechanics
HPE 40403  Exercise Physiology
MTH 21404  Introductory Probability and Statistics (General Education)
PHY 17505  General Physics I with Algebra
PHY 18505  General Physics II with Algebra
PSY 11103  General Psychology (General Education)

Recommended Courses

BIO 20404  Human Anatomy and Physiology
CHM 34404  Introduction to Biochemistry
CHM 44303  Advanced Biochemistry