Bachelor of Science

Required General Education Courses

BIO 12104  Biology I (substitution for BIO 11404)
CHM 15005  General Chemistry I (substitution for CHM 10404)
MTH 15105  Calculus I

Major Courses

CHM 15505  General Chemistry II
CHM 26202  Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 26303  Organic Chemistry Theory I
CHM 27202  Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 27303  Organic Chemistry Theory II
CHM 30302  Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 31202  Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 32303  Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 33105  Analytical Chemistry
CHM 34403  Introduction to Biochemistry
CHM 40303  Physical Chemistry Theory I
CHM 41303  Physical Chemistry Theory II
CHM 47001-04  Senior Research I
CHM 47502-04  Senior Research II

Supporting Courses

MTH 15204  Calculus II
PHY 17505  General Physics I with Algebra
PHY 18505  General Physics II with Algebra

Schedule of Courses

Because of the sequential nature of the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, students should follow a recommended schedule to ensure graduation in four years. Depending upon the year of entry into the program, a student will follow one of two course sequences.