Currently, there are 2 aspects to the assessment plan for the Wildlife and Fish program: a pre-post exam set and an in-progress question set.  Effective fall 2008, incoming students take an exam within the first 2 weeks of the semester's start.  The exams have 7-10 multiple choice questions specific material covered in the to the core courses. That same exam is administered to students within 2 weeks of their final semester in the program.  The "pre" vs. "post" scores are compared.   

Effective fall 2009, the in-progress assessment was established.  Students take a series of mini-exams:  one within their first month of the first semester in the program, one near the completion of their junior year (i.e., "mid-progress), and one near the end of their senior year.  The content of the exams is based on selection of one of the Wildlife and Fish program outcomes. 

Those outcomes are:

1) Provide an understanding about the nature of scientific inquiry 

2) Achieve the ability to do critical reading of original and secondary source material

3) Understand the language of wildlife and fish conservation and management

4) Achieve the abilities necessary to actively participate in wildlife and fish investigation

5) Effectively communicate environmental and natural resources technical information 

6) Be able to relate models, theories, and concepts to wildlife and fish conservation and management challenges