Presentation Guidelines

If you don't see what you need, let the RSE committee know and we'll help you!

Applications are being accepted now until March 2nd, 2018.  Simply fill out the online form and hit submit.  Please note, only completed applications will be considered.  Contact Dr. Chad Duncan at with any questions.

Poster Presentations:

Poster presentations consist of presenters standing by their posters to offer descriptions of their work and answer any questions.  Presenters can be alone or in small groups of two or three.  Other conference attendees usually walk around and ask for presentations, strike up conversation, or ask questions when they find a poster that interests them.  Typically all of the RSE poster presentations have been divided into two or three poster sessions throughout the day.  We ask that all posters are hung early and remain on display for the entire day, but each presenter is only required to present at his or her assigned poster session, which lasts about one hour. 

Posters can be printed right here at Rio's Print Shop; open M through F 8am-5pm (closed for lunch).  Make sure to submit printing requests ahead of time, and charge them to your specific department/budget.  Posters should be no larger than 24" x 42" (we are happy to arrange for larger posters that are printed for other conferences and also presented here - we only ask that you notify the RSE committee).

If you need help building your poster or planning your poster presentation, you may find the following videos helpful:




Exhibits include any 2D or 3D item that will be displayed and presented.  Typically these items are displayed for the duration of the event, while presenters are only required to attend their assigned poster session.  Any items requiring large spaces or other special accomodations should be approved by the RSE committee at time of application.  See Poster Presentations above for more details.


Papers or portions of paper written by the presenter are read in succession.  Each presentation is limited to 15 minutes plus a short time for question and answer, time permitting.  Paper presentations are assigned to a session that is scheduled to last approximately one hour.


Panels are reserved for groups of paper presentations, often related in theme or perspective. 


Portfolios are prepared by senior students from various disciplines and presented in electronic or physical format.  Each portfolio presentation is limited to 15 minutes plus question and answer, time permitting.


Performances can be in many formats and can include individuals or groups.  Past performances have included poetry, spoken word, chorale music, and kubuki dance-drama.