The cornerstone of all GREEN initiatives is an active recycling program with personal & small group involvement.

The University of Rio Grande has partnered with Rumpke Waste & Recycling Services to operate "Single-Stream, No-Sort" collection dumpsters here on campus. Rio still maintains traditional trash dumpsters, but is working with our campus community to transition the larger volume to the no-sort recycled stream.

The earlier paper recycling initiative has been replaced with the more flexible no-sort collection option. Rio's collection and transfer efforts reflect the most current trend and operations within the larger community and SE Ohio region. The Gallia/Jackson/Meigs/Vinton Solid Waste District offers similar recycling & transfer options for today's largest volume items: paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and glass from several convenient community locations.

Other items, like recyclable batteries, ink cartridges and cell phones are also collected at the CC&N Office in Moulton Hall and transferred to other recyclers.


Enlisting local support for recycling programs will show positive results.
A failure to plan is a plan to fail...