The cornerstone of all GREEN initiatives is an active recycling program with personal & small group involvement.

The University of Rio Grande has partnered with the Gallia/Jackson/Meigs/Vinton Solid Waste District to offer several recycling & transfer options for today's largest volume items: paper, cardboard & plastic.
Other items, like recyclable batteries, ink cartridges and cell phones are also collected and transferred to other recyclers.

Office paper, magazines, newspapers and other printed materials are collected in building Blue Bins provided to the campus by the GJMVSWD.
Pick-up dates are on the second Tuesday of each month.
Reminders are broadcast to the community via the campus e-mail lists.
Separate bins are provided for building collection points.
The collection points are marked on this map.

Cardboard is a tremendous part of our waste stream.
The campus operates a cardboard compactor at the Pole Barn facility which makes large bales of this solid waste.
Campus maintenance crews make regular pick-ups at the following designated locations: Sodexo Food Service in the Davis University Center, Rio Bookstore in the Rhodes Student Center, Mid-American Housekeeping Contractors and Campus Computing & Networking in Moulton Hall.

Plastics are everywhere and several different types are found in both packaging and in everyday items which formerly were made of wood, metal or ceramic.
The Coca Cola Distributor for our campus has provided large (recycled) syrup drums with red & white banners for collection site adoption.
Currently, 10 sites on campus collect plastic drink bottles.
Mid-American Cleaning Contractors has cooperatively offered the plastic drum liners and will transport. full bags to the Rio Grande Municipal Building transfer station.
Please empty all drink bottles and remove the caps.

Almost everything is re-usable or can be recycled.
The proper disposal of unwanted items can be most problematic when no acceptable disposal or collection site exists in your region.
Campus Computing & Networking provides a collection point for the items below marked (*) and will transfer them to an acceptable e-waste handler.
Items below are linked to the GJMVSWD recycling location web pages.


Enlisting local support for recycling programs will show positive results.
A failure to plan is a plan to fail...