Getting Started


If you have previously been a student here, you may already know about accessing our available online programs. For new students, there are a few preliminary steps to take prior to getting into your emails and accessing online or hybrid courses.

Activating Email: Before accessing your online courses, our system requires that you first change your password (if you have not done this already.) To activate your account and change your password, click on the 'Email Envelope' at the top right-hand corner of the page; select ‘Students OutlookLive,’ and then 'Activate account' or ‘Password Portal’. It will ask for your user name, which is the letter 's' plus your Rio student ID number. Next, enter the old password, which is normally the last 4 digits of your social security number. Then come up with a new password, at least 6 digits long (suggestions are stated at the bottom of the page.)

Accessing Email: your email can then be accessed in OutlookLive by again going through the Rio website to the ‘Email Envelope’ and selecting ‘Students OutlookLive’. Next, select ‘OutlookLive Login’. Enter the user name as ‘s’ plus your Rio ID number, and then ‘’. Your password would be the new password you chose when activating your account. Please check this email often, as this is where you will receive any important updates or personal messages from professors or URG staff.

Online Learning: Blackboard is used for most online courses, and can be accessed by going to Once there, the user name would be ‘s’ plus your Rio ID number. You do not use the ‘’ in Blackboard. Your password would the same as your email password. After logging into Blackboard, and once your professor has entered your name for the online course you are taking, you should see the course name listed. Please note that your online courses are generally not on your account until at least the first or second day of each term. Click on the course # and name to open. It may need to be downloaded. If so, a box will appear at the top of the screen. Simply click on the box to download.

Student Space: Another valuable online tool for you as a student is Student Space. This site would be used for class registration, seeing what courses you are registered for in your education plan, checking your grades, seeing your Rio accounting information, getting an unofficial copy of your transcripts, etc. You can access this by going to and clicking on the Student Space icon at the top right-hand corner of the page. Your user name would be just your ID number (without the ‘s’) and the last four digits of your social security number.

If you have any questions or problems online, please contact Randall Simpson at Your questions may also be answered in our Online Learning FAQ.