Academic Bulletin

As we prepare for the 137th Commencement of Rio Grande this Saturday, it is important to remember the vast array of academic accomplishments achieved by so many of our outstanding faculty and wonderful students.

Rio is built on a strong foundation of academic excellence, with the passion and dedication of our faculty at its core. Their continued engagement within all facets of Rio is the driving force that allows us all to celebrate with friends and family the 407 students who earned their degrees this year.

Below you will find many examples of our outstanding graduates as selected by the various Colleges, Schools and departments. You will read of the numerous faculty accomplishments ranging from publications, research, exhibitions and everything in between. You will also read about the four outstanding recipients of the third annual Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiatives grants.

Be sure to check back for College, School and department updates, as well as for continual faculty accomplishments with each edition of Tower & Times.


Provost's Academic Excellence Initiatives

The annual Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiatives continues to inspire creativity and collaboration across all disciplines in its third year. The 2012-13 grants resulted in four outstanding presentations on April 25 in Conference Room C within the Davis University Center.


Accumulation of Lead, Mercury, and PCBs in Chelydra Serpentina
of Southeast Ohio

Led by Professor Jacob White, Chemistry students Brad Altier and Whitney Smith, collected common snapping turtles from public waters throughout southeastern Ohio and analyzed various tissues for accumulation of lead, mercury and PCBs.

The study is the first to correlate contamination levels with carapace dimensions to determine if consumption advisories should remain state-wide and/or be revised to be size-specific. A popular ingredient in several traditional Appalachian recipes, snapping turtles are a designated game species in Ohio regulated by the Department of Natural Resources. But limited research exists regarding the safety of consumption and this study has significant potential for a peer-reviewed publication for the students would serve as co-authors.


American Print Council Open Portfolio and Conference

Led by Professor Benjy Davies, Art students Kia Wright, Ashton Saunders, Lisa Brooks, Elizabeth Hamilton and Erin Roach participated in a number of non-juried events at the Mid-American Print Council bi-annual conference in November.

Rio students presented original artwork in an open portfolio exhibition, created an original print for an exchange portfolio and attended panel presentations, round-table discussions and various exhibitions relating to the conferences theme of Pressing Prints/Pressing Palms: The Entrepreneurial Printmaker.



Led by Professor Sarin Williams, the Cantate! was a new choral music festival that welcomed five area high schools and involved every Rio student within the Music Department.

The day-long event held Feb. 23 allowed Gallia Academy High, Jackson High, South Webster High, River Valley High and Cabell Midland High to each perform two to three selections, receive an on-stage clinic from Rio faculty, a DVD of their performance and clinic, and written comments. The local school chamber choirs also were able to network with peers and strengthen the overall musical community.

In addition, Rio’s Grande Chorale provided a feature performance for the Cantate!


Targeting Gram-positive Bacteria: Identification of New Potential Antibiotics

Led by Professors Dana Evans and John A. Means, School of Sciences students Allison Diehl, Sheri Marcum and Andrea Merry explored a diverse set of molecules to identify candidates for further development as potential antibiotics that target the T box riboswitch.

Due to rapid rate of bacterial mutation and the over-use of antibiotics, bacterial resistance continues to be a serious concern. A new target for antibiotic intervention would be desirable to circumvent already-known resistances, and the T box riboswitch is a gene regulation mechanism that is prevalent in Gram-positive bacteria and has been found to control in excess of 1,000 genes that are important for protein biosynthesis. Because of this prevalence and the fact that all instances of the riboswitch are very similar in shape and structure, the T box riboswitch is an intriguing target for antibiotic development.

The students presented their work at the Ohio Academy of Science Annual Meeting in Findlay on April 13, as well as in the School of Sciences seminar series.


Outstanding Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences

School of Liberal Studies
  • Ty Giffen, History
  • Agnes Hapka, English
School of Sciences
  • Oliver Fisher, Biology
  • Erin Sherman, Biology
  • Jerry Rose, Wildlife & Fish
  • Autumn Smith, Mathematics
  • Sheri Marcum, Chemistry

College of Health & Behavioral Sciences

Holzer School of Nursing
Baccalaureate (BSN) Awards
  • Cynthia Bowen, Emerson and Evelyn Evans and Sons Family Award: Outstanding Academic Achievement
  • Cynthia Bowen, Emerson E. Evans Excellence in Nursing Award: Leadership and Management
  • Brandi Crum, Manning E. Wetherholt Excellence in Nursing Award: Nursing in the Community
  • Sara Rippeth, Bobbie Jo Cundiff Art of Caring Award
  • Andrea Mercer, Bobbie Jo Cundiff Love and Caring Award
Associate Awards
  • Elijah Ingles-“Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for Two Year Nursing Graduate”
  • Darren Reedy-“Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for Licensed Practical Nurse Advanced Placement Track Graduate”
  • Gwendolyn McCoy, Mary Inez Howes Spirit of Nursing Award
  • Wendy Wells, Outstanding Nursing Graduate Award
  • Hailee Swain, Nightingale Award
  • Holly Helmich, People Caring for People Award
  • Jennifer Angel & Clifton Alexander, Bethany Ellen Dixon & Kristin Renee Dixon-Chamberlain Nursing Legacy Award
School of Allied Health
  • Amber Holsinger, Outstanding Performance in the Radiologic Sciences
  • Richard Johnson, Highest Cumulative RAD Grade Point Average
  • Casey Love, Outstanding Student Technologist in the Clinical Setting
  • Richard Johnson, Most Improved Student Technologist in the Clinical Setting
  • Richard Johnson, Outstanding Student in the Classroom
  • Casey Love, Most Improved Student in the Classroom
  • Richard Johnson, A Honor Roll (3.7 or Higher Cumulative RAD GPA)
School of Behavioral Sciences
  • Derek Tyler McManus, Psychology
  • Kasey Stanley Wooldridge, Social Work

College of Professional & Applied Studies

Emerson Evans Schools of Business
  • Jane Clagg, Accounting
  • Daniel IrwinAssociate Degree in Business
  • Amanda Richards, Associate Degree in Business
  • Hillary Wilson, Business Field Test
  • Jane Clagg, Business Field Test
  • Carley Phillips, Business Management
  • Jane Clagg, Business Policy Simulation Competition  Fall
  • Tony Burnette, ,Business Policy Simulation Competition  Fall
  • Elizabeth Stout, Business Policy Simulation Competition  Spring
  • Roy Frazier, Business Policy Simulation Competition  Spring
  • Autumn Ebersbach, W. Lowell  A. "Buz" Call –Mark of Excellence
  • Archie Spangler Jr., Overall Outstanding Student
  • Mika Hatley, Marketing
  • Amber Miller, Entrepreneurial Award
  • Jordan Jenkins, Janney Montgomery Scott Scholarship
  • Michelle Bueno, Meigs/McArthur Campus Award
  • Taylor Hite, Captain John Hill Ph.D Investment Award
School of Engineering Technologies
  • Todd Wisner, Associate Degree, IT  Network Systems
  • James Fischer, Fine Woodworking
  • Adam Barton, Bachelor Degree, Industrial Technology
  • Nathan Young, Welding.
  • Steve Krajnak, Power Plant Mechanical Maintenance

Faculty Accomplishments since June 2012

Published Works

Mike Beaver (Engineering Technologies)

  • Contributor to "Healthcare Information Technology Exam Guide for CompTIA IT Technician and HIT Pro Certifications" author K. McCormick - published by McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Richard Campbell (Business)

  • Digital accounting coursework materials, including videos, PowerPoint-style presentations, quizzes, and training program, for John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Rob Hopkins (Biology, Wildlife and Fish) and Jacob White (Chemistry)  with students Brad Altier, Derek Haselman, and Andrea Merry

  • Hopkins, R.; Haselman, D.; Altier, B.; Merry, A.; White, J. Exploring the legacy effects of surface coal mining on stream chemistry. Hydrobiologia 2013, accepted.
  • Work funded by Provosts' Academic Excellence Initiative from 2010


Jim Allen (Art)


  • Delivered lecture at opening night of one man show at Ohio University Southern

Don Althoff (Biology, Wildlife and Fish)

  • "Improved Techniques for Handling Southern Flying Squirrels" Poster Presentation at the Ohio Natural History Conference, Columbus, OH.

Chris Barker (Radiologic Technology)

  • Lecture on skull radiography at the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists annual meeting in Columbus in April.

Scott Beekman (History)

  • "Simulacrum and Sleeper Holds: Baudrillardian Hyperreality and Professional Wrestling," Midwest Popular Culture Association, Columbus, Ohio, October 2012.

Elizabeth Brown (English)

  • "'It surpassed my Idea': Samuel Johnson and Hester Thrale in North Wales." North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History in Bangor, Wales, July 26-28, 2012.

Benjy Davies (Art)

  • Conducted a lecture about his work at Ohio University’s Southern Campus in Ironton.

Heather Duda (English)

  • "Sex, Drugs, and Rhys Ifans: An American Explores the Contemporary Welsh Film Industry." North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History in Bangor, Wales, July 26-28, 2012.

Rob Hopkins (Biology, Wildlife and Fish) – with students Oliver Fisher-Hewitt, Holly Huntley, and Erin Sherman

  • "Rediscovery of the Eastern Sand Darter in Southern Ohio." Association of Southeastern Biologists meeting.

Jill Maggs (College Readiness)

  • Keeping It Real: The Experiences of Underprepared Students in College at the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) Conference in Denver, Colorado in Feb. of 2013.

Greg Miller (Theater)

  • Spoke at Lillian Jones Museum regarding Fletcher Benton.

Alisa Neeman (Computer Science)

  • "Visualization for Earthquake Engineering", Immersive Game + Simulation Technologies Conference, Shawnee State University, Nov. 2, 2012, Portsmouth, OH.

Exhibitions and Creative Presentations

Jim Allen (Art)

  • One man show of my artwork at the Ohio University - Southern Campus in Ironton, Ohio, from October 10 to November 1.

Benjy Davies (Art)

  • True Stories (two person show with Kevin Lyles) Memorial Gallery, Ohio University, Chillicothe
  • Wonderfair Print Invitational Wonderfair Gallery, Lawrence, KS
  • Hand-Pulled: Ohio Printmakers, ArtSpace Lima, Lima OH; Awarded 2nd prize
  • Ninth Guild Competition West Virginia Arts and Crafts Guild, WV; Awarded Honorable Mention
  • Cream of the Crop Juried exhibition, Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth, OH
  • Ohio University 2012 Alumni Exchange Portfolio Honors House, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Conference Exchange Portfolio Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Southern Ohio Arts Council Foothills Art Festival, Jackson OH; Awarded 1st Prize, Drawing
  • Land Drawing Installation at Ohio University Athens (planned for late March, 2013)
  • Land Drawing Installation at University of Rio Grande Campus (planned for early March, 2013)
  • Gaze Video/Performance Art, University of Rio Grande Campus and surrounding areas. (planned for mid March 2013)
  • Completed a collaborative print with artist Katherine Cox, who is the Education Director of the Huntington Museum of Art
  • Wrote, directed and produced an original short film about a gorilla becoming a Rio student. Film to be screened at the Little River Short Shorts student and amateur film festival (April 19, 5pm).
  • Kevin Lyles (Art)
  • Exhibited alongside Benjy Davies in a two-person show at the Ohio University Chillicothe Art Gallery
  • Had work in the Susquehanna Museum of Art in Harrisburg, PA
  • Two works made the "Cream of the Crop" exhibition at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center, Portsmouth, OH

Greg Miller (Theater)

  • Researched, wrote and produced five performances of musical “That Was Bob” in July and October
  • Researched, wrote and produced “Schoolhouse Scholars” for tour in January, February, April, May, July, and September
  • Researched, wrote and produced “Welsh Neighbors” for tour to Oak Hill, Jackson, Point Pleasant, etc. April, May, and July
  • Produced opera presentations of Menotti’s “The Telephone” and “The Medium” in March
  • Collaborated on filming video of “Schoolhouse Scholars” at Bob Evans Farm
  • Collaborated with Ray McGinnis and Jeanne Jindra on the development of “Welsh Heritage Days" for Bob Evans Farms
  • Collaborated with Sam Wilson on the development of River Tales Project, “Meigs County Flood of ‘37”
  • Collaborated with Sam Wilson on OHC Grant for the development of “Silver Bridge Disaster” oral history project

Grants and Awards

Don Althoff (Biology, Wildlife and Fish):  University of Rio Grande Excellence in Scholarship Award Recipient

Chris Barker (Radiologic Technology):  Nominated for the Ohio Association of Two Year Colleges (OATYC) teacher of the year

Tracey Boggs (Radiologic Technology):  Recipient of the Edwin A. Jones Excellence in Teaching Award

Greg Dam (Psychology):  Provost's Academic Excellence Initiative. October 2012 – April 2013

Benjy Davies (Art):  Developed a proposal, completed a scale acrylic study and secured a commission for a 6’x18’ mural/painting for the new corporate headquarters for the Bob Evans Farms Corporation in New Albany, Ohio; Faculty Scholarship Release Time for fall semester 2013 to create new work in anticipation of applying for artist residencies and exhibitions; Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiative that included taking 5 students to the Mid-America Print Council’s biennial conference (four days), which was held in Cape Girardeau.

Alan Dean (Education):  Ernie Wyant Outstanding Teaching Award

Dana Evans (Biology):  Madog research fellow for 2012-2013

Kevin Lyles (Art):  Academic sabbatical for the spring 2013 semester

Jill Maggs (College Readiness):  Professional Development Grant from the Ohio Association for Developmental Education (OADE) in September of 2012

John Means (Chemistry) and Dana Evans (Biology):  University of Rio Grande Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiative. "Targeting Gram-positive Bacteria: Identification of New Potential Antibiotics," $1200, October 2012 – April 2013

Alisa Neeman (Computer Science):  NIH grant R01 GM099827-01A1, “Computational design of specific binding proteins using Leave-One-Out” subcontract of $45,000 2012-2017

Jacob White (Chemistry):  Provost's Academic Excellence Initiative. October 2012 – April 2013


Courses Taken, Workshops Attended, Certifications Attained

Mike Beaver (Engineering Technologies): Certifications in Health Information Technology (Passed HIT Pro – Implementation Support Specialist Examination, Passed HIT Pro Technical/Software Support Specialist Examination, Passed HIT Pro Trainer Examination, Passed CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification)

Alan Cook (Business): Northcentral University: BTM8104-8 Statistics I, MIS7000-8 Information Technology Mgt (MIS), BTM8102-8 Business Research Methodology (MIS), MIS7002-8 Database Admin and Management (MIS), BTM8103-8 Research Design (MIS), MIS7003-8 IT Information Support (MIS)



Benjy Davies (Art): Walter Gropius Master Artists Workshop at the Huntington Museum of Art

Heather Duda (English): Chair Academy (leadership program for academic leaders)


Kevin Lyles (Art):  two Walter Gropius Master Artists Workshops at the Huntington Museum of Art

Darlene Ringhand (Business):  certified to be a Master Reviewer for Quality Matters



Roger Watson (Business): completed the graduate training program at the New York Stock Exchange, invited back to participate in the program this summer; during training program, given the honor of ringing the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Kent Williams (English): four Quality Matters (QM) courses, certified in each area; appointed as a subject-matter expert (in English and literature)



Courses/Programs Developed

George Clonch (Engineering Technologies), Mike Dyer (Engineering Technologies), Keith Saunders (Engineering Technologies): replaced Manufacturing degree with new Associate of Technical Studies degree in Welding

George Clonch (Engineering Technologies), Keith Saunders (Engineering Technologies): combined Electronics Industrial Automation and Plant Maintenance degrees into new Associate of Technical Studies degree in Industrial Automation and Maintenance


Karen Elliott (Spanish): Intensive Spanish program for professionals

Activities Planned/Workshops Taught

Benjy Davies (Art)

  • Served as Master Printer for visiting artist Katherine Cox. Supervised and instructed students in the printing of an original lithograph by Ms. Cox. One print in the edition will be donated to the Greer Museum’s permanent collection.
  • Plan and conduct the second annual Little River Short Shorts amateur film festival in Rio Grande (April 19, 5pm).
  • Arranged a workshop by visiting artist Karla Hackenmiller. Ms. Hackenmiller worked with Rio students and community members on an engraving project.

Greg Miller (Theater)

  • Presented two or three workshops to Rio Faculty regarding Adult Learners and Online learning
  • Did workshop presentation to Art teachers in the Portsmouth area


Books/Manuscripts in Progress

Don Althoff (Biology, Wildlife and Fish)

  • Small mammal response to grazing and tracked vehicle disturbance in a grassland ecosystem (co-author)
  • Breeding chronology and reproductive success of grasshopper sparrows and eastern meadowlarks on a military reservation
  • Guidelines for determining authorship of manuscripts:  A semi-objective approach

Chris Pines (Philosophy)

  • Book entitled Inequality and Fairness:  American Society and Economic Justice

Current Research/Creative Activities

Don Althoff (Biology, Wildlife and Fish)


  • Southern Flying Squirrel Project (ongoing -4+ years; expanded from 9 to 11 research sites in southeast Ohio).  Evaluating aging techniques, monitoring population trends. Conducting hardmast surveys)
  • Bluebird/Tree Swallow/Carolina Chickadee Project (ongoing 1.0 years; with assistance of U. of Rio Grande Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society constructed and established 25-box network on U. of Rio Grande campus)
  • Kestrel Project (ongoing 11+ years; in cooperation with Hocking College monitoring nest box occupancy for 35 box network along portions of U.S. Routes 33, 23, and 22 in Athens, Hocking, Fairfield, and Pickaway counties), permission pending for adding boxes to state and federal highway signs in the region.
  • Rio EcoMonitoring (REM) Project—this in an effort to secure access to and establishment of study sites for student and faculty labs, directed studies, and practicums.  As of March 2013, 16 sites (totally over 2,000 acres) have been established.  This include a partnership with Bob Evans Farms, Inc. and access to Ohio Valley Conservation
  • Coalition and the Walker-Smith Farm properties to conduct plant and animal inventories as well conduct long-term monitoring of ecological conditions.
  • Digital Image Plant Identification Database-- This effort involves photographing herbaceous plants at both the macro (i.e., whole plant) and micro-scale (i.e., flower top and from below, leaves top and bottom, stems side and cross-section, and seeds—if available) resulting in 6-15 images per species. Over 80 species image sets have been completed so far with a goal of 200 by December 2013.  Simultaneously, a working model is being designed to describe the each species’ characteristics (i.e., flower color, type, leaf type, leaf margin type, stem type, etc. that will be used to eventually develop an app to be run on tablet-style computer for use in the field to ID plants.  The app will be useful for teaching and research efforts.
  • Supervising 6 undergraduate research projects

Benjy Davies (Art)

  • Beginning in March 2008 and continuing indefinitely-Conducts an ongoing project of completing a small drawing every day. These drawings have been included in numerous shows, won several awards, and have been reproduced in several publications. On March 23, 2013, Davies will complete drawing number 1,848 of the series.

Kevin Lyles (Art)

  • Currently working on a stainless steel monumental outdoor sculpture for Bob Evans' new corporate headquarters in New Albany, Ohio

John Means (Chemistry)

  • Supervising two senior research projects: Sheri Marcum (Determination of Gram-positive Bacterial Susceptibility to Synthetic and Natural Products) and Andrea Merry (Virtual Screening of Small Molecule Libraries for Binding with an RNA Target)

Greg Miller (Theater)

  • Will produce “Morgan’s Raid” for the 150 Anniversary of the Raid through Jackson and Meigs Counties
  • Researched Welsh-Americans serving in the Civil War as potential for Theatre Production with Trinity College in Wales

Darlene Ringhand (Business)

  • Presently in the data collection stage of research on Virtual teams and personality study with a group of researchers from Colorado

Jacob White (Chemistry)

  • Supervising two senior research projects: Brad Altier (Determination of Lead Accumulation in Chelydra serpentina of the Southeast Ohio Region) and Whitney Smith (Determination of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Chelydra serpentina of the Southeast Ohio Region)

Conferences/Meetings Attended

Don Althoff (Biology, Wildlife and Fish): Ohio Bat Working Group; Ohio Fish and Wildlife Conference; Ohio Natural History Conference; Ohio Wildlife Diversity Conference
Chris Barker (Radiologic Technology):  Ohio Association of Two Year Colleges (OATYC) annual conference

Alan Cook (Business): IACBE 2013; eMerge 2013 New Directions in Blended Learning Conf: Finding the Perfect Blend

Tim Hall (Chemistry): Rustbelt RNA Meeting; Crowne Plaza Dayton, Dayton, OH; October 19-20, 2012

Rose Isgrigg (Biology): American Botanical Society annual conference; Ohio Biological Survey Natural History Conference

Donna Martin (Biology): Ohio Natural History Conference

John Means (Chemistry): Rustbelt RNA Meeting; Crowne Plaza Dayton, Dayton, OH; October 19-20, 2012

Greg Miller (Theater): "Learning and the Brain" International conference

Other Activities

Don Althoff (Biology, Wildlife and Fish)

  • Served as peer-reviewer for Environmental Management journal

Chris Barker (Radiologic Technology)

  • Submitted a charter application for a national honor society for radiology and imaging sciences students here at Rio

Scott Beekman (History), Ellen Brasel (History)

  • Recruited a record number of students to be inducted into our Alpha-Alpha-Delta Chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta national history honors organization.  Induction and banquet will be held here at Rio on April 1.

Tracey Boggs (Radiologic Technology)

  • Radiography program received nearly $20,000 of computed radiography equipment donated by Holzer Health System

Benjy Davies (Art) – some activities with other faculty members

  • Juried the Marshall University Graduate and Undergraduate Exhibition in Birke Hall (with artist Kathleen Kneafsey)
  • Juried the National Society of Arts and Letters regional division competition in printmaking (with artist Robert Rosenstock)
  • Juried the Rio Grande High School Student Show (with Jim Allen)
  • Planned and conducted a one-day field trip to Columbus for the Honors Film Seminar to the Wexner Center to attend a film screening and lecture by international filmmaker Natalia Almada. During this trip, the students and Davies also viewed an exhibit of photography by Annie Leibowitz, and several galleries at the Ohio State campus, and the facilities at Hopkins Hall (Department of Art), meeting several professors at OSU.
  • With faculty members Kevin Lyles and Jim Allen, conducted a five-day trip to New York City that included ten students. Students and faculty visited numerous museums and galleries, met with working artists (Noah Hyleck, Elise Glick and Traci Molloy) in the city, and participated in a performance art activity in the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Hired Artist-in-Residence Kelly O’Brien. Ms. O’Brien is teaching Kevin Lyles’ classes during his sabbatical period, conducting workshops with area school children, and will present a public lecture about her work to the campus community in March. Additionally, she will install a site-specific exhibition of original work created during her residency in the Greer Museum this April.
  • With Dr. Heather Duda, planned and conducted a joint Honors/Art one-day field trip to Columbus to visit the “Bodies” exhibit at COSI, the Liebowitz exhibition at the Wexner Center, and the December Gallery Hop in the Short North District.
  • With Kevin Lyles and Greg Miller, visited internationally-known, Jackson-born artist Fletcher Benton in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Benton is considering donating several sculptures to the Greer Museum’s permanent collection.
  • Planned and conducted a one-day field trip with five students to commercial galleries and the Clay Center Art and Science Museums in Charleston WV, including a lecture by New York artist Leslie Dill.
  • With Dr. Heather Duda, planned and conducted a joint Honors/Art four-day field trip to Washington, DC with 12 students.
  • With Artist-in-Residence Kelly O’Brien, planned and conducted a one-day field trip to Cincinnati that included the Great Serpent Mound, Cincinnati Art Museum, the Contemporary Arts Center, and a Cincinnati Shakespeare Company production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 19 students anticipated, including Art, Music, Theatre, English and Honors Program. (trip scheduled for March 29).

Karen Elliott (Spanish)

  • Organized a cookie drive for Orgun-E troop in Afghanistan; Girl Scouts agreed to match purchased boxes of cookies for the drive

Eric Matson (Fine Woodworking)

  • Built a working relationship with Elmer's glue and Fine Woodworking Dept. Elmer's is donating all glue and adhesives for the year and awarding 2,500 dollar scholarship to a freshman or sophomore. We are working with product development / research and design. We are testing existing/new products that are not on the market and developing new product concepts.

John Means (Chemistry)

  • Performed two book reviews for textbook publishers:  Chemistry Matters; Griep; Oxford University Press and LearnSmart Prep General Chemistry – Digital Review, 1st ed.; McGraw-Hill

Greg Miller (Theater)

  • Served as moderator for two presentations and a panel discussion at "Learning and the Brain" International Conference in San Francisco
  • Transported theatre students to NYC for URTA auditions and introduced them to professional artists

Jacob White (Chemistry)

  • Serving as a Chemistry Committee Member for the Ohio Department of Education’s Preliminary Framework Review
  • Selected to assist in the assessment validation process for new teacher licensure tests that are aligned with new state and national science standards