Rio Presents First Administrator Emerita

Phyllis Mason, center, is presented the Administrator
Emerita award by Rio Grande President Dr. Barbara
Gellman-Danley and Trustee Gerald E. Roach.

RIO GRANDE, Ohio – On April 11 the University of Rio Grande Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution, which created a new recognition and honor for outstanding retired administrators.  Following similar guidelines as the Faculty Emeritus recognition, Administrator Emeritus/a offers an opportunity to show the University’s highest regards for these valuable members of the campus community.

A candidate for Administrator Emeritus/a must have been in full-time administrative service for ten (10) consecutive years and must have voluntarily retired from the University. Nominations are submitted by a vice president in writing, no later than February 1 to the President.  Written rationale is used as justification for the award.  One administrator per year may be named Administrator Emeritus.  The recommendation of the President will be taken to the Board of Trustees for their final confirmation.

The inaugural Administrator Emerita is Ms. Phyllis Mason, who retired as Vice President of Human Resources in December 2012.  Ms. Mason joined the administration of the University of Rio Grande as the Director of Personnel in 1985 and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rio Grande in 1996. 

During her tenure, she served as a long-standing member of the Rio Grande Women’s Club and served as its President from 1991-1994.  Ms. Mason initiated annual Allen Hall beautification projects, created and initiated activities such as the Annual Faculty/Staff Picnic and Homecoming Activities. Ms. Mason is a generous donor to the Women’s Club, Alumni Association Scholarship and Alumni Memorial Bell Tower.  To the Rio RedStorm Soccer Team, Ms. Mason will always be known as “Soccer Mom”.

Upon presentation of the Administrator Emerita award, Rio Grande President Dr. Barbara Gellman-Danley noted Ms. Mason’s outstanding service to the University of Rio Grande and its faculty, staff and students.