Students Face Staff on Softball Field

Such is certainly the case in regards to the annual Student/Staff Softball Game at Rio Grande. For one day each fall the Rio family draws definitive lines and takes sides in the spirit of sportsmanship and often times good humor.RIO GRANDE, Ohio – Every family has conflict in which winners emerge, losers cry foul and stories are debated at reunions year after year.

“Its just a fun time,” RedStorm Athletic Director Jeff Lanham said. “Its an opportunity for interaction between faculty and students other than in a classroom. We just have a lot of fun. Who knows who wins and loses, that really doesn’t matter.”

Not formally, at least. Lanham, who has played in the game each year since its inception in 2007, admits some have taken it more seriously than others on both sides over the years. But whether its the faculty member showing up in full uniform and diving into to second base or the student team loading up with only baseball and softball players, it only makes for more fun and better stories to tell.

This year’s game is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26 on the Rio Grande softball field. A pre-game cookout is scheduled for 5 p.m.

To participating in this year’s game, please contact Director of Resident Life Dena K. Warren at 740-245-7396 or

“The students love it. They just eat it up,” Dean of Students Aaron Quinn said. “Its definitely one of their favorite activities. And a lot of folks come down to watch. The stands are usually full; it’s just a fun environment.”

The game is schedule for seven innings with the RedStorm softball team handling the field, equipment and coaching up the student team. Umpires are compliment of Baseball coach Brad Warnimont’s Officiating Class.

The annual tradition was the creation of former softball coach David Pyles and former President Gregory J. Sojka in 2007.

“It just seemed like something fun to do, the sort of thing you could do at a family reunion,” Pyles said. “We were certainly hopeful it would become a tradition. But I don’t know if anything was cared in stone. It was more of a lets roll the ball out and have some fun.”

An instant success, the game provides endless fun through memories that last a lifetime.

“Its just a great event,” Dean Quinn said. “It doesn’t matter whether you play in the game or just come to show your support and be entertained, the ones who are involved talk about it for year.”