Academic Bulletin

Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiatives

The Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiatives provide up to five annual awards to groups of Rio faculty and undergraduate students in recognition of enhancing outstanding teaching through engaging in active learning. Each group, chosen by an all-university committee of faculty and students, appointed by the provost, receive a maximum award of $1,200.

The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor faculty members for making significant advances to knowledge, technique, or creative expression in their programs/fields involving undergraduate education. The mini-grants provided through the Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiatives project are available for faculty-student collaborations and culminate in the presentation of the research.  The third annual Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiatives presentations were held April 15 and included:

Little River Print Project
Mr. Benjy Davies and students Klaire Smith, Samantha Taylor

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse:  Financial Literacy for Abuse Survivors
Dr. Anne Sparks, Ms. Barb Michal
Business Students: Susie Fitch, Bridgett McCarley, Emma Waits; Social Work Students; Cindy Besco, Nichole Gamble, Kimberly Hawthorne, Tiffany McCarty, Elisha Orsbon

The Accumulation of Lead and Mercury in Chelydra Serpentina of the Southeast Ohio Region
Dr. Jacob White and student Michael MacKnight

Mr. Kevin Lyles and Brad Painter with students Jenny Blake, Lynn Ingram, Janet Martin

Identifying Fruits and Vegetables for the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Dr. John Means and student Jacob Dotson