Boggs honored as Edwin A. Jones recipient

Associate Professor Tracey Boggs.

RIO GRANDE, Ohio – Tracey Boggs, an Associate Professor and Director of the Radiologic Technology Program at the University of Rio Grande, is the 2013 Edwin A. Jones Excellence in Teaching Award recipient.

The Jones Award is voted on each year by the Rio Grande faculty and has been presented each year since 1985.

“It is an honor to be selected for this award by my peers,” Boggs said. “Being selected recognizes the hard work and time that I have committed to teaching.  It is a humbling experience to be included with past recipients who I hold in high regard for their teaching talents.”

Past recipients of the Jones Award include Merlyn G. Ross, Associate Professor of Music, 1985; Dr. T. Michael Rhodes, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1985-1986; Dr. Marcella Biro Barton, Associate Professor of History, 1986-1987; Dr. Sharon Yates, Associate Professor of Reading, 1987-1988; Dr. Krishna Kool, Professor of Economics, 1988-1989; Dr. Barry Thompson, Associate Professor of Anthropology, 1989-1990; Dr. Carl Hoffman, Professor of Physical Education, 1990-1991; Mr. Thomas Osborne, Associate Professor of Biology, 1991-1992; Dr. Raymond Matura, Professor of Sociology, 1992-1993; Dr. Arlie R. Peck, Professor of English, 1993-1994; Mr. Benjamin Forshey, Associate Professor of Computer Science, 1994-1995; Dr. Joan B. Morrison, Professor of Psychology. 1995-1996; Dr. Paul Holeski, Professor of Biology, 1996-1997; Dr. Ivan Tribe, Professor of History, 1997-1998; Dr. William Stitt, Professor of Mathematics/Physics, 1998-1999; Hattie L. Taylor, Assistant Professor of Social Work, 1999-2000; Dr. Linda Sigismondi, Professor of Biology, 2000-2001; Dr. Elizabeth A. Brown, Professor of English, 2001-2002; Dr. Jian R. Sun, Professor of Humanities, 2002-2003; Dr. Margaret L. Wheeler, Professor, Holzer School of Nursing, 2003-2004; Dr. Christopher L. Pines, Professor of Philosophy, 2004-2005; Nancy “Benny” Lease Gooldin, Associate Professor of Nursing, 2005-2006; Dr. Jim Doubleday, Professor of Humanities, 2006-2007; Kevin Lyles, Professor of Art, 2007-2008; Ellen Brasel, Assistant Professor of History, 2008-2009; Benjy Davies, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design 2009-2010; Jacob White, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2010-2011; and Kent Williams, Professor of English, 2011-2012.

Boggs’ expertise and outstanding dedication to her craft were significant factor’s in the 100-percent pass rate on registry exams for Rio’s 2013 Radiologic Technology class.

“The accomplishments in teaching that I am most proud of are my students and their success,” Boggs said. “Over the years, I have watched my students become successful not only in the workplace, but also in the community. Some graduates have become imaging managers and staff members; while, others have expanded their degree to become MRI, CT and Nuclear Medicine technologists, radiation therapists, mammographers and sonographers. One student became a physician’s assistant. Radiologic technology graduates have also chosen to be involved in the RAD program by serving as clinical instructors and members of advisory boards. I am very proud of my students and who they have become.”

Boggs has served as a full-time faculty member at Rio Grande since 2003. She was a recipient of the Provost’s Academic Excellence Initiative grant in 2011-12 and a President’s Research and Travel Grant in 2012-13.