Students honor Dean with Wyant Award

RIO GRANDE, Ohio – Dr. Allen Dean, a former professor of education at the University of Rio Grande, was selected by the Student Senate as the 2013 Ernie Wyant Outstanding Teaching Award recipient.

Dean, who passed in March, served for nearly 25 years at Rio Grande and was beloved by fellow faculty, staff and students. The Wyant Award is given to a full-time faculty member who strongly encourages student academic achievement by providing an innovative classroom, accessibility to students and who is especially conscientious in helping students achieve high standards of academic success.

Arlene Anderson, who plans to complete her Bachelor’s of Science in Middle Childhood Education in the fall, praised Dr. Dean for his unwavering support and mentorship in her nomination for the Wyant Award.

“Years ago, I made the decision to change my major from Education to History due to family and financial concerns. Dr. Dean remained a mentor and helped me in completing my new educational goals,” Anderson said. “After graduation, I would occasionally see him in the community and he took the time to say hello and inquire how my family was doing. It is very refreshing to know that a teacher still cares about you even when you are no longer his/her student. A couple years ago, I returned to Rio seeking advice as to further advancing my education. I had determined that I wanted to be a teacher and that it had been a mistake to drop the education program the first time around. Dr. Dean not only provided advice on Master’s programs but also encouragement on returning to complete my undergraduate studies in education.”

Dr. Dean was initially hired as an Assistant Professor in the School of Education in 1988, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1994 and Professor in 1999. In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Dean served as Director of Early Field Experiences/Student Teaching Placement for many years and briefly served as Provost for the University of Rio Grande – Japan in 1994.

Previous Ernie Wyant Outstanding Teaching Award recipients include Dr. William Stitt (1995), Edie Ross (1996), Dr. Charmaine Lepley (1998), Dr. Larry G. Spees (1998), Dr. Barry Thompson (1999), Dr. Krishna Kool (2000), Dr. Arlie Peck (2001), Dr. T. Michael Rhodes (2002), Earl Thomas (2003), Ellen Brasel (2004), Nasseef Abukamail (2005), Wesley Thoene (2006), Mr. Chris Barker (2007), Dr. Barbara Boley (2008), Dr. Ray Matura (2009), Dr. Heather Duda (2010), Dr. Scott Beekman (2011) and Christie Seagraves (2012).