Rock Ensemble to honor Levon Helm

November 16, 2012

RIO GRANDE, Oh. – The Rio Grande Rock Ensemble promises an enthralling performance with tonight’s annual Fall concert hosted in the Berry Fine and Performing Arts Center.

The ensemble begins at 8 p.m. and will feature a wide variety of classic American rock tunes from world-renowned artists like The Grateful Dead, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Allman Brothers and many more.

“It’s a really good cross section of all the different styles of American rock music during the 1960s and 1970s,” ensemble Director and University of Rio Grande music professor Chris Kenney said.

Tonight’s performance also will feature a special tribute to the late Levon Helm. The Grammy Award-winner catapulted to stardom with The Band in the late 60s. Also famous for his work with Bob Dylan and The Hawks, Helm earned his first Grammy in 2010 and a second in 2011.

Helm passed away in April of this year after a long battle with cancer.

The ensemble features several new members this fall with tonight’s performance featuring Ally Waddell, vocals and keyboard; Andy Milliken, vocals and guitar; Jeremy Martin, bass; and Skylar Thompson, drums and percussion. Kenny (guitar and vocals) and fellow Rio Grande professor Laramie Roush join the performance.

“There are very few music schools that treat rock as something to study,” Kenney said. “But since rock has been around for more than 50 years now there is a repertoire to study.”

For more information regarding tonight’s Rio Grande Rock Ensemble concert and the University of Rio Grande / Rio Grande Community College visit or call 800-282-7201.

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