SOLACE Group to Present at Rio Grande

October 19, 2012

The University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College will welcome a very special group of speakers to campus on Tuesday, Oct. 23 to talk with students and community members.

The speakers are from the group SOLACE, which stands for Surviving Our Loss And Continuing Everyday. SOLACE is made up of five individuals who have all lost someone close to them due to a drug-related death.

In their presentations, the members of SOLACE provide a powerful and vitally important message for people of all ages. The group has been well received in its numerous presentations around the region, and Rio Grande is proud to have the members on campus for this powerful event.

The Rio Grande Chaplaincy is sponsoring the presentation, which will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Berry Fine and Performing Arts Center. All Rio Grande students are strongly encouraged to attend, and all area residents are also invited to attend this event.

Many people in the community have dealt with drug addiction issues of their own or with members of their families or friends, and they will benefit from hearing this presentation. Drug addiction issues create very serious problems in Ohio and around the country, and these speakers are bravely sharing their stories in order to help others.

During the evening event, the speakers will give presentations, but they will also be available to answer questions from audience members.
According to the group’s website, the mission of SOLACE is “to reach people who have lost loved ones to drugs, to help the addicted make changes to their lives and to prevent future pain in the addict and family members.”

The group originally formed as a support group in 2008, but then became an active organization that is working with legislators to sponsor and pass bills needed to help fight drug addiction, encouraging communities to affect their own changes and speaking to people about their experiences.

Rio Grande officials are hoping that a large crowd of students and area residents will turn out for this event to hear this important message from this powerful group.
The Rio Grande Chaplaincy sponsors numerous events on campus throughout the academic year, often welcoming in speakers take part in presentations and panel discussions before students and area residents.

For more information on the Tuesday, Oct. 23 presentation from SOLACE, call Marshall Kimmel at 1-800-282-7201. For additional information on upcoming events at Rio Grande, as well as information on the wide range of academic programs offered on the university’s scenic campus, log onto