Rio Grande Professor Publishes Digital Coursework

October 15, 2012

Richard Campbell teaches students every day in his work at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College, and now he is also teaching students around the world through work he is doing for one of the leading textbook publishing companies.

Campbell serves as an associate professor of accounting in the Evans School of Business at Rio Grande, where he has taught for the last 20 years.
Due to his extensive knowledge of accounting and his teaching ability, Campbell has worked on different accounting textbooks in the past, as well as digital materials to go with textbooks.

Today, he is working with the publishing company of John Wiley and Sons, Inc., on a project that has several different aspects to it.
The first part of the project is to create 300 “Problem Walkthrough Videos” that can be used with seven different Wiley and Sons accounting textbooks. The videos will be watched online by the accounting students, and will help the students learn how to do different accounting problems.

On the videos, which include closed captioning to be compliant with The Americans with Disabilities Act, Campbell goes through each step of different accounting problems, explaining each step carefully, just as he does at Rio Grande when he is explaining accounting problems to the students in his classes.
Each video lasts for 10 to 15 minutes, and they can also serve as part of a homework assignment for the students.

Another part of his project for Wiley and Sons is to create 50 interactive PowerPoint –type presentation and quizzes to assist the students. The presentations will feature sound, animations and videos, and the students will be provided with feedback on how they did on each quiz. All these presentations will be playable on mobile devices, such as the iPad and iPhone.

Finally, Campbell will also be putting together online training programs for other authors and editors who are working for Wiley and Sons and want to learn how to create multimedia products.
While it sounds like a great deal of work, Campbell is pleased and proud to be working on this project.

“Wiley and Sons is number one in the market in accounting textbooks,” Campbell said. He has worked with the company on different projects in the past, and is proud to work with the nationally known company once again.
“It’s a lot of fun to be doing this,” Campbell said.

Chris DeJohn, Associate Publisher of Wiley and Sons states:  “As an accounting textbook editor, I have interacted with hundreds of faculty across the country and Richard has been the most effective in translating his technology knowledge to help students.”

His main priority is always his students at Rio Grande, and Campbell’s work on these projects benefits them as well. Through this work, Campbell now has additional teaching materials and a wide range of sample problems to use with his students.

Campbell enjoys teaching on Rio Grande’s small campus where he can work one-on-one with his students. He loves his classes, and he is thankful that he is able to help students from around the region, as well as students from around the world, learn about the different aspects of accounting.

For more information on the work Campbell is doing, as well as information on the accounting program at Rio Grande, call Campbell at 1-800-282-7201. For additional information on the programs in Rio Grande’s Evans School of Business, as well as information on the wide range of academic programs offered on the university’s scenic campus, log onto