Greer Museum Hosts Ceramics Exhibit

October 8, 2012

A new ceramics exhibit featuring the work of two outstanding regional artists is now on display at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College.

The exhibit is being shown in the Greer Museum at Rio Grande, and the artists will hold a special workshop and reception on campus on Monday, Oct. 22.

The work of artists Kathleen Kneafsey and Mike Bowen are shown in the exhibit. Kneafsey is the artist-in-residence at the Huntington Museum of Art, and she also teaches art. Bowen, meanwhile, teaches art at Shawnee State University. The two artists have shown their work around the region and around the country, and they are proud to bring their exhibit to Rio Grande.

“Mike and I both work primarily with clay,” Kneafsey explained. “For this exhibition, we both tried to work primarily with hand-building.” This means that they did not use a potter’s wheel when they were creating these pieces.

Rio Grande Art Professor Kevin Lyles recently attended a workshop that Kneafsey led on hand-building techniques at the Huntington Museum of Art, and then asked her to bring this exhibit to campus and teach a workshop on these techniques to the Rio Grande students.

Kneafsey and Bowen both regularly use hand-building techniques in their work, and they both liked the idea of creating the exhibit around pieces that used this technique.

The new exhibit features artworks that have different themes, but there are many common threads in the pieces that are being shown.

“My pieces deal a lot with home and family, and they are assembled very much like toys or building blocks, or construction-type objects,” Kneafsey said. “In Mike’s work, he actually has toy trucks and building blocks he made out of clay that he has stacked.”

Area residents will enjoy looking over the different pieces of the exhibit, and they will particularly notice how several of the works appear to be precariously stacked and how they look like they might fall over at any moment.

“The exhibit came together really well,” Kneafsey said. “The pieces deal visually with very different themes, but there are many different qualities of the works that are similar, such as the playfulness, influence of children, toys and building things.”

Kneafsey and Bowen are proud to bring the artworks to Rio Grande, and they hope a large crowd of area residents will attend the reception and look over the exhibit during October.

“It was a lot of fun to install the works in the Greer Museum,” Kneafsey said. “That is a great space, and I love the Rio Grande campus.”

Kneafsey and Bowen are thankful that Kevin Lyles and Rio Grande invited them to show their works at Rio Grande, and are looking forward to the workshop with the students.

“Kevin Lyles is a fantastic teacher and a great guy. His students are very, very fortunate to have him as a professor,” Kneafsey said.  She has led workshops on campus in the past, and enjoyed working with Rio Grande students and faculty members,

“The students there are great,” she said. “It will be fun to come back to campus. Mike and I are very happy that we have the chance to do this.”

The workshop and reception will both be held on Monday, Oct. 22. The workshop for students will begin at 12:30 p.m., while the public reception will begin at 5 p.m. in the Greer Museum. The exhibit will stay open through Oct. 28. The Greer Museum is open to the public from 1-5 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. The museum is free and open to the public.

For more information on attending the workshop or the reception, or for more information on the exhibit, call Jim Allen at Rio Grande at 1-800-282-7201. For additional information on upcoming events at Rio Grande, as well as information on the wide range of academic programs offered on the university’s scenic campus, log onto