Bookstore Offers Options for Students

August 2, 2012

New Bookstore Entrance

New Bookstore Entrance

The University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College Bookstore has added more options and products for community members to help them save money and find just the right books and other items that they need.
The bookstore is staffed mainly by Rio Grande students, and has taken on several innovative programs in recent years in order to help its customers. One program is the book rental option, which started a few years ago. The Rio Grande Bookstore has now expanded this program and given the students choices for different ways to rent the books.
One way is through the affiliation the store has with By working with this online company, Rio Grande students are able to rent nearly every book they need for their classes.

Students can log onto the Rio Grande Bookstore website and then find the books that they need for each class. The bookstore website is located at The students can then rent the books from for different amounts of time. If a student rents a book for a shorter amount of time, such as 40 days, it would naturally cost less than renting the book for a full semester or a full year.

David Ding, manager of the bookstore, explained that students often want to rent books for the different amounts of time, and said the different options will help the students save money. “It’s a good deal,” Ding said.

The bookstore is also affiliated with the Neebo company, which also rents different periodicals and materials that students may need for their classes. Students can receive a discounted rate by renting in this way, and it is another way to save money.

The Rio Grande Bookstore website has more information on these programs and on several book purchasing programs, and it also allows students to compare prices and know that they are purchasing the correct books for their classes.

“We guarantee that we have the right information from what the instructors have told us about their classes,” Ding said. Students can go to the website, look up their classes and then find the books they need for their courses. They can choose to buy or rent the materials online, and of course they can still buy the books the traditional way by visiting the bookstore, located inside the Rhodes Student Center on campus. The website also allows students to compare how much the price for each book is at the Rio Grande Bookstore and how much companies such as Amazon and are selling the books for. For students who want to purchase digital copies of their textbooks, the Rio Grande Bookstore also offers this option, although on a limited scale. “The expansion of digital textbooks is still growing,” Ding said. Each year, the bookstore is able to offer more and more textbooks to be purchased for downloading onto a computer, phone or other device, and the bookstore is working with distributors to create more digital options for students.

The bookstore also sells a wide range of clothing, backpacks and other items students may need while living on campus. The store has also expanded its array of computer hardware and software items for sale this year. The store also will create logos and can customize shirts and other clothing items for customers. The store has the ability to create just one customized shirt, or can create hundreds of the shirts for special events. These items have become very popular in recent years.

One other relatively new item that the store is offering for students is gas cards. Many parents and family members have inquired about purchasing gas cards for students to help them get back and forth to campus, and the store is pleased to be selling them.

The store is proud to serve Rio Grande students and the community, and invites all students and area residents in to see the different products and services that are available.

For more information on the Rio Grande Bookstore, call 1-800-282-7201. For additional information on the bookstore, as well as information on the wide range of academic programs offered on Rio Grande’s scenic campus, log onto