Career Services

Career Services offers assistance in making decisions regarding a course of study, the declaration of a major or continuing educational goals in pursuance of the student's career objectives;  provides direction for the student who wishes to learn more about a particular career area such as employment outlook, salary ranges and / or skills required; provides information regarding personal abilities, interests and values and how these factors mesh with specific jobs.

A variety of career activities and services are offered to assist the students on their road to employment.

Activities and services offered include: 

     *Annual Rio Career Fair
      *Annual Teacher Recruitment Consortium (TRC)
     *Assistance in Career Choices
     *Employment Opportunity and Internship information boards
     *Mock Interviews
     *Postings for summer and part-time employment opportunities
     *Resume Assistance
     *TypeFocus -
           (See information below on TypeFocus) 


TypeFocus - Success Through Self Awareness

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One of the first things to do when looking for work is to decide what kind of work to look for. You know that everyone is different to some degree or other.

Once you discover what makes you unique, you can use that information to select jobs that will honor your strengths. This website will help you do that through career assessments.