I.4 Conceptual Framework

The Bunce School of Education faculty provide the parameter for their conceptual framework through the theme of “Windows to the Future” which is accomplished through the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.  Three main organizers dominate the framework: the Focus of Teaching and Learning, the Conditions for Teaching, and Teaching as a Profession. Within each area are specific elements that each candidate should understand and practice as he/she progresses through the program at URG.

Since 2006, the Conceptual Framework has narrowed in scope to focus student attention on the Bunce School of Education's approach to implementing the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. The three themes of the 2006 Framework have been replaced with three main organizers from the Ohio Standards: the Focus of Teaching and Learning, the Conditions for Teaching, and Teaching as a Profession. By aligning our framework with Ohio Standards there is consistency in the assessment of candidate proficiencies related to expected knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions.

By aligning our conceptual framework with the Ohio Teaching Standards we are preparing our students not only for success in our pre-service program, but also throughout  their professional career.  The Oho Teaching Standards provide the basis for the Ohio Four Year Residency Program (Evidence – Four Year Residency Guidelines) as well as continued licensure renewal and advancement  for practicing teachers. (Evidence – Licensure continuum)

The basic tenets outlined in the Conceptual Framework demonstrate institutional  knowledge, skills, and dispositions specific to the Bunce School of Education. These are very specific candidate proficiencies/characteristics which we believe our students should attain (exhibit)   and which reflect our heritage and culture and our strong belief in the professionalism all teachers must demonstrate.    ( Evidence  URG list of skills, etc) In addition to the conceptual framework and URG goals, all teacher candidates must demonstrate proficiency in their SPA or licensure specific standards/goals.  (SPA reports)