A. 5 Exhibits

     The Bunce School of Education is the professional education unit at the University of Rio Grande (URG).  The Dean of the College of Professional & Applied Studies serves as the Head of the Unit with assistance from the Chairperson of the School.  The URG professional educational unit includes 10 full-time faculty and had a fall 2012 enrollment of  216.  A complete list of programs offered is included as Exhibit 1.3.a.

     URG Bunce School of Education employs various strategies to make certain stakeholders from within the unit, the institution, and the community have an appropriate voice in the preparation of professional educators. The Chairperson of the School keeps the lines of communication open among the Unit, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), the Dean, and content faculty so all are aware of federal and state expectations (Exhibit). As a result of the Stakeholder meetings held to gather input for the Strategic Plan (Decade of Dreams), the Chairperson initiated meetings with content faculty to provide a forum to discuss best practices in both education and content areas. These meetings proved valuable, resulted in closer collaboration among the various units on campus, and are now held on a regular basis. (Stakeholders, Agendas, Exhibit)

     The Provost, Deans, elected representatives from all schools, Chairperson of Faculty Association, and students form the URG Academic Affairs Committee, which meets monthly for the purpose of reviewing programs. This institutional committee recognizes the Bunce School of Education’s responsibility to prepare professional educators and provides the final approval of all curricular changes.
     Local stakeholders including superintendents, principals, teacher candidates, meet bi-annually to review programs, discuss current trends, and offer suggestions. A major grant for the purchase of hardware and the implementation of technology resulted from the last meeting.(Exhibit minutes, grant, candidate testimonials).

     Significant changes since the last NCATE review include the following:
  • Selection of Dr. Barbara Gellman-Danley as President reporting to both the University of Rio Grande Board of Directors and the Rio Grande Community College (RGCC) Board of Directors.
  • Selection of Dr. Zaki Sharif as the Dean of the College of Professional & Applied Studies
  • Selection of Dr. Kenneth Porada as the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Selection of Dr. Nanetta Fults as Chairperson of the School of Education with expanded responsibilities
  • Selection of Dr. Phyllis McQueen as Faculty Liaison to ODE, a shift from Head of Teacher Education to Faculty with additional responsibility
  • Restructure of the Administration
  • Restructure of URG and RGCC relationship
  • Creation and Implementation of Strategic Plan –Decade of Dreams
  • Appointment of new NCATE coordinators
  • Appointment of chairs for each licensure area beginning with Early Childhood
  • Plans for the development of a Faculty Senate
  • Re-organized Honors program
  • Implementation of Academic Affairs subcommittee to review program proposals and streamline proposed changes