3.3 Exhibits

Exhibit 3.3.a Examples across programs of collaborative activities between unit and P-12 schools to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of field experiences and clinical practice, including memoranda of understanding
Exhibit 3.3.b Aggregate data on candidate placement in field experiences and clinical practice
Exhibit 3.3.c Criteria for the selection of clinical faculty, which includes both higher education and P–12 school faculty
Exhibit 3.3.d Examples of support and evaluation of clinical faculty across programs
Exhibit 3.3.e Guidelines/ handbooks on field experiences and clinical practice for candidates, and clinical faculty, including support provided by the unit and opportunities for feedback and reflection
Exhibit 3.3.f Assessment instruments and scoring guides used for and data collected from field experiences and clinical practice for all programs, including use of technology for teaching and learning
Exhibit 3.3.g Aggregate data on candidates entering and exiting from clinical practice for all programs
Clinical Practice Final Evaluation: Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Life Science, Intervention, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts