1.3 Exhibits

Exhibit 1.3.a

State program review documents and state findings URG Program Status
Exhibit 1.3.b Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years
Exhibit 1.3.c Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing candidate learning against professional and state standards as well as proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework
Exhibit 1.3.d Aggregate data on key assessments, including proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework
Peer Taught Lesson
Content Reading Instructional Unit
Clinical Practice Final Evaluation: Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Life Science, Intervention, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts
ELCC Internship Final Evaluation
Praxis II PLT 2011-2012
Praxis II PLT 2010-2011
Praxis II PLT 2009-2010
Praxis Content Area Scores
Action Research Project Scores
Exhibit 1.3.e Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn
Exhibit 1.3.f Aggregate data on key assessments of candidates' professional dispositions
Clinical Practice Professional Dispositions
Peer Taught Lesson Professional Dispositions
PLT Professional Dispositions
Exhibit 1.3.g Examples of candidates' assessment and analysis of P-12 student learning
Exhibit 1.3.h Samples of candidates' work from programs across the unit
Clinical Practice Reflection
Conceptual Framework Reflection
Culturally Diverse Settings
Content Area Reading Lesson Plan
Exhibit 1.3.i Aggregate data on follow-up studies of graduates
Exhibit 1.3.j Aggregate data on employer feedback on graduates
Exhibit 1.3.k Data collected by state and/or national agencies on performance of educator Value-Added Data