D. Stephens-2009

Dan Stephens Graduating Class of 2009

Dan’s MBA experience:

“I liked the MBA program so much, I almost wish I was still taking classes.  I enjoyed bouncing ideas off fellow classmates.  I found the time each week valuable in the sense of being able to take the things I learned in class to fine tune my own business.  The MBA program at Rio or anywhere else is what you make of it.  My experience was great. “

Dan’s Business venture:

Big Country Family Trees 


Big Country Family Trees is a retail Christmas ornament business designed to provide hand crafted and personalized family trees and ornaments to customers throughout the United States.    This business provides shoppers with personalized family tree ornaments through direct sales, the intranet, and mail order.  Direct sales primarily take place at scheduled arts and crafts fairs, festivals and events in the Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  BCFT is always looking to expand to other states.