MBA Curriculum

Course No. Title Credits
ECO 50103 Economic Analysis 3
BM 51103 Leadership & Strategic Management 3
BM 52103 Data Analysis for Decision Making 3
ACC 53103 Financial Accounting 3
FIN 54103 Financial Management 3
IT 55103 E-Business Technology 3
MKT 56103 Managerial Marketing 3
BM 57103 International Business 3
ENT 60103 Foundation of Entrepreneurship 3
FIN 55103 Business Financing 3
ENT 62103 Social Entrepreneurship 3
BM 63103 Applied Business Experience 3



Course Descriptions

ECO 50103 Economic Analysis

This course examines the underlying economics of successful business strategy, including the dynamics of entering an industry, the strategic imperatives of competitive markets, the sources of competitive advantage, managing competitive interaction (cooperation and preemption), bargaining situations, the impact of information distribution and the financial implications of strategic economics.

BM 51103 Leadership & Strategic Management

This course is designed to prepare students for a dynamic profession in which managers plan, analyze, make decisions, evaluate results, solve problems, supervise, lead, train, and learn. Therefore, managers require a number of skills and abilities to perform a multiplicity of tasks and functions. Management offers a challenging field with unlimited opportunities in a variety of areas including profit and non-profit organizations and government agencies.

BM 52103 Data Analysis & Decision Making

The ever-increasing capacity of computers to analyze data and the explosion of the amount of data available has resulted in an increased role for data analysis as an aid to business decision making. This course exposes you to the most important ideas and methods relevant for data analysis in a business context. Emphasizing practical applications to real problems, the course covers sampling, descriptive statistics, probability distributions, and regression analysis.

ACC 53103 Financial Accounting

This course is an introduction to the accounting system, from the transaction through the preparation and analysis of the financial statements. Accounting and related business concepts will be studied. An emphasis will be placed on using accounting information for business purposes using software tools.

FIN 54103 Financial Management

This course examines the role of finance in supporting the functional areas of a firm, and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions can create value. Prerequisite: ACC-54103

IT 55103 E-Business Technology

This course focuses on the basic concepts, key issues, and critical technologies of electronic commerce / business.

MKT 56103 Managerial Marketing

This course will focus on the marketing aspect of the business by showing managers how to recognize marketing opportunities within the competitive environment and how to utilize the marketing mix to capitalize on these opportunities. Prerequisite: ECO-50103

BM 57103 International Business

This course is an introduction to international business and the study of global markets. Current business related issues include topics in the international market via current issues and real multi-national and global company cases. Focus on international markets and their central relationship to international business entrepreneurship. Prerequisite: BM-51103

ENT 60103 Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Starting and managing one’s own business: developing a viable concept, organizing the enterprise, market and financial planning, and controlling the organization.

FIN 55103 Business Financing

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ENT 62103 Social Entrepreneurship

This course will cover the process of creating new independent or corporate ventures that pursue the dual primary missions of social benefit and financial return on investment. These non-profit and for profit ventures have a social mission and aim to be financially self-sufficient or are profit driven. Obstacles and constraints that are faced by social entrepreneurs and surfacing new strategies for them. There are historical and contemporary models to explore the unique range of issues and challenges facing the new social venture. Evaluate the market opportunities for social venture creation. Social capital markets and trade offs between social and financial returns. Examine the unique management and market strategies for the growing social ventures. Prerequisite: ENT-60103

BM 63103 Applied Business Experience

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