2015-16 Dr. Linda Sigismondi


The Madog Center for Welsh Studies at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College is pleased to announce  Dr. Linda Sigismondi as the 2015-16 Madog Faculty Fellow. Dr. Sigismondi is instructor of Biology and Environmental Science at the university.

Her research will include the uses of plants in Welsh folklore, focusing on the medicinal uses. She will also investigate the modern herbal use of her findings and research what plants the Welsh brought with them to this county during immigration from Wales. She traveled to South Wales summer 2015 and was able to visit IBERS Center at Aberystwyth University and collaborate with several Biology lecturers. She then attended the presentation given by Dr. Hywel Griffiths from Aberystwyth at the 2015 North American Festival of Wales in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Sigismondi also spent several days at the Botanical Gardens while she conducted her research in Wales, being given the insiders tour.

A presentation will be scheduled for April 2016 on the campus of the university. Dr. Sigismondi is the 13th full-time faculty at URG/RGCC to receive the award.

More information on Dr. Sigismondi is available at http://www.rio.edu/lindas/

Dr. Hywel Griffiths, Dr. Linda Sigismondi, and Dr. Dana Evans at the 2015 NAFOW in Columbus, OH.