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Teaching and Learning Fund

Teaching and Learning Fund


Eligibility: All full and part-time faculty.

Types of Projects: The committee gives strong preference for funding for items that are used in a regularly scheduled class or to prepare for a class and can be used multiple times. We will not be funding field trips. Some examples of items eligible for funding are:

·    videos/DVD's

·    software

·    hardware

·    models

·    equipment

·    reference books

·    other classroom materials

·    admission to museums

Maximum funding is $150 per faculty member. Two faculty may submit a proposal for a larger item up to a maximum of $300.  If funds remain in the latter part of spring semester, a second application will be considered.

Committee Members:

  • Linda Sigismondi, Chair
  • Dana Evans
  • Alan Cook
  • Chris Pines
  • Sarin Williams

Submission: Applications may be submitted at any time during the fall or spring semesters prior to April 15, 2019.  Submission in the fall is strongly encouraged.

Email the following information to tlf@lists.rio.edu  Please paste the information into the email itself rather than as an attached document.



Description of Proposal:

Itemized Budget (including Shipping and Total):

Date Needed:


Receipts:  It is recommended that faculty awarded funding purchase the items immediately and receipts be turned in to the Provost's Office as soon as possible.  Those items without receipts when the University freezes spending will not be reimbursed even if the committee awarded funds prior to the freeze. 


Last Updated:  July 20, 2018