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Dr. Sigismondi is interested in working with students wishing to do scientific research with an environmental focus.  Interested students should contact her.

Current Research

I am currently doing research in relation to a Welsh fellowship. I am focusing on the medicinal uses of plants found in both Wales and the United States. I am looking at antibacterial effects of the plants as well as effects on behavior of the roundworm C. elegans.


Prior Student Projects

  • Use of Oil-eating microbes for oil spill clean-up
  • Using constructed wetlands for clean-up of agricultural run-off and acid mine drainage.
  • Determining LC50 for benthic macro invertebrates and acid mine drainage.


Other Projects

Dr. Sigismondi is also interested in developing an outreach program on environmental education to public schools.  This would likely involve puppetry presentations with environmental themes.  Students interested in participating in the program should contact her.


Last Updated: January 4, 2016