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Lab Management


Fall 2018
August 20 - December 6, 2018
Lecture: Online and TBA
Lab Management
NSC 33202
School of Science


Professor:  Dr. Linda Sigismondi
Phone: 740 245-7484
Email:  lindas@rio.edu
Office: Kidd Hall 100B
Office Hours: MW 1:00-2:20, T 3:00 – 4:00, R 1:30-2:20 and by apt.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for the prospective teacher of a laboratory science. Topics include: lab safety; legal issues; ordering supplies and equipment; inventory; planning, conducting, and evaluating a laboratory experience; and the proper and ethical treatment of living organisms. Students are required to plan, implement, and evaluate a laboratory activity and to work with a college faculty member as a laboratory assistant for one semester in an introductory-level course in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. One hour of class per week. 

PREREQUISITES: Three courses in one of the sciences (biology, chemistry, or physics).




PROGRAM OUTCOMES: The following outcomes have been adopted for the education program for which this course is required:

  • A knowledge base in their area of licensure
  • A knowledge base of teaching principles and practices
  • A depth of field experiences involving diverse public school populations
  • Knowledge of incorporating reading into instructional practice


COURSE OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course students are expected to:

  • Understand safety and legal issues in the laboratory.
  • Be able to plan a lab exercise including ordering supplies and equipment maintenance.
  • Understand supply and equipment inventory and disposal.
  • Understand the ethical use of living organisms in the laboratory and alternatives to the use of living organisms.
  • Be able to evaluate lab activities.
  • Be able to design new lab activities.



Plagiarism Plagiarism refers to copying and passing off another’s work as one’s own.  It includes copying information from published sources such as books, journals and webpages without appropriate citations.  It also includes copying the work of another student.  All students in the class are expected to do their own work.  Plagiarized work will receive a zero on the assignment. 

Late Papers – Students are expected to turn in all papers on time.  Papers not turned in by the specified date and time will lose 10% per day. 



ADA POLICY: If a student wishes to be identified as having a physical, mental, or learning disability, that may or may not require reasonable accommodation(s), he/she must register with the Office of Accessibility. These registered students should identify themselves to their instructors and provide a written statement from the Accessibility Office that indicates the appropriate accommodations. The process of a student self-proclaiming the need for accommodation should occur as early in the semester as possible. The Office of Accessibility is located in Rhodes Hall, Room 116, University of Rio Grande, (740) 245-7339.

FERPA: The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College are committed to fully respecting and protecting the rights of students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These rights generally include the right to inspect, review and seek amendment to the student's education records and the right to provide written consent before personally identifiable information from education records is disclosed. Under FERPA, students have the right to file a complaint with the US Department of Education concerning alleged failures to comply with FERPA. Please see the Student Records Confidentiality/ Rights Under FERPA section of the Student Handbook for details and more information.

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY:  Standard university policies, as described in the Student Handbook, apply. 

WITHDRAWAL: Standard university policies, as described in the Student Handbook, apply. The last day to drop a class is November 2, 2018.

INCOMPLETES: Standard universitypolicy - Incompletes will only be granted for extenuating circumstances, such as illness, accident, etc. which will prevent the student from completing the course. An incomplete grade cannot be given to avoid a failing grade in the course. Appropriate documentation (i.e. medical) must accompany the Incomplete Grade Request. Students must have completed at least 75% of the course with a passing grade when requesting an incomplete. The student must request an incomplete from the instructor. It is the responsibility of the student to make up incomplete work. The instructor must complete the Incomplete Grade Request form and submit to the Registrar’s Office. Requests must include a valid reason why the work cannot be completed, a list of assignments to complete, a schedule for when the work will be completed, and the grade to be assigned if the work is not completed. Assignments should be completed as soon as possible, preferably within a few weeks.

MENTAL HEALTH STATEMENT: As a student you may experience a range of issues that can cause barriers to learning, such as strained relationships, increased anxiety, alcohol/drug problems, feeling down, difficulty concentrating and/or lack of motivation. These mental health concerns or stressful events may lead to diminished academic performance or reduce your ability to participate in daily activities. Services are available to assist you with addressing these and other concerns you may be experiencing.  Contact the office of Accessibility (740-245-7439) to learn more about the confidential mental health services available to you.

COPYRIGHT: Materials used in association with this course may be copyright protected. These items are provided for educational purposes and are intended for the use by only those students officially enrolled in the course. Individuals may not copy, duplicate, download, or distribute any of these items outside this course without first considering United States copyright law (Title 17, US Code) and Rio Grande’s copyright-related policies.


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