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UNIV OF RIO GRANDE                                                              
QUARTERLY ACCESSIONS LIST REPORT                                                
January 01, 2013 - March 31, 2013                                               
January 01, 2013 - March 31, 2013                                               
AESTHETICS--EARLY WORKS TO 1800.                                                
  Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim.  Laocoon : an essay upon the limits of painting    
    and poetry.  New York : Noonday Press, c1957.                               
  701.17 L639                                                                   
AHAB, CAPTAIN (FICTITIOUS CHARACTER)--FICTION.                                  
  Melville, Herman.  Moby-Dick; or, The whale.  Boston, Houghton Mifflin        
  813.36 M531k                                                                  
ALEXANDER, 356 B.C.-323 B.C.                                                    
  Green, Peter.  Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C. : a historical biography.   
    Berkeley : University of California Press, c1991.                           
  938.07092 G797                                                                
ALGERIA--POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT.                                               
  El Kenz, Ali.  Algerian reflections on Arab crises.  Austin, Tex. : Center    
    for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin, c1991.           
  320.9174927 E435                                                              
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE--PATIENTS--FICTION.                                         
  Palahniuk, Chuck.  Choke : a novel.  1st Anchor Books ed.  New York : Anchor, 
  PB P153c                                                                      
AMERICAN FICTION.                                                               
  Fitzgerald, F. Scott.  Tender is the night.  New York, C. Scribner's Sons     
  813.52 F553tn                                                                 
AMERICAN LITERATURE--MINORITY AUTHORS.                                          
  New worlds of literature : writings from America's many cultures.  2nd ed.    
    New York : Norton, c1994.                                                   
  810.80920693 N532                                                             
APOLOGETICS--EARLY WORKS TO 1800.                                               
  Pascal, Blaise.  Selections from the Thoughts.  New York, Appleton-Century-   
    Crofts, [1965]                                                              
  239.7 P278                                                                    
ARAB COUNTRIES--SOCIAL CONDITIONS.                                              
  Sharabi, Hisham.  Neopatriarchy : a theory of distorted change in Arab        
    society.  New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.                         
  306.0917 S531                                                                 
ARAFAT, YASIR, 1929-2004--PSYCHOLOGY.                                           
  Rubinstein, Danny.  The mystery of Arafat.  1st ed.  South Royalton, Vt. :    
    Steerforth Press, c1995.                                                    
  956.04092 R896                                                                
  American Library Color Slide Company.  Teachers manual for the study of art   
    history and related courses. Derived from the American Library compendium   
    and index of world art and including all media-architecture, sculpture,     
    painting and the minor arts from the paleolithic to the present.  New York, 
    American Library Color Slide Co. [c1964]                                    
  016.7 A512                                                                    
  Baudelaire, Charles.  Art in Paris, 1845-1862.  [London] Phaidon Publishers;  
    distributed by New York Graphic Society Publishers, Greenwich, Conn.        
  707.4 B338                                                                    
ARTISTS--UNITED STATES--FICTION.                                                
  James, Henry.  Roderick Hudson.  1st Harper torchbook ed.  New York : Harper  
    & Brothers, 1960.                                                           
  813.46 J272r                                                                  
  Mann, Thomas.  Death in Venice : complete, authoritative text with            
    biographical and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from     
    five contemporary critical perspectives.  Boston : Bedford Books, c1998.    
  833.912 M282v                                                                 
ATLANTIC STATES--DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL.                                        
  James, Henry.  The American scene.  New York, Horizon Press [1967]            
  917.3 J277                                                                    
AUSTEN, JANE, 1775-1817. EMMA.                                                  
  Austen, Jane.  Emma : complete, authoritative text with biographical,         
    historical, and cultural contexts, critical history, and essays from        
    contemporary critical perspectives.  Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's, c2002.  
  823.74 A933e5                                                                 
  Jessup, John E.  Balkan military history : a bibliography.  New York :        
    Garland Pub., 1986.                                                         
  016.9496 J584                                                                 
BASEBALL--UNITED STATES--HISTORY.                                               
  Burns, Ken.  Baseball [videorecording] a film ; includes innings 3 & 4.  New  
    York, NY : BMG Video, c1994.                                                
  796.357 B292                                                                  
BASEBALL--UNITED STATES--HISTORY.                                               
  Total baseball.  New York, NY : Warner Books, c1989.                          
  796.3570973 T717                                                              
  Bestiary (Ms. Cambridge University Library. Ii.4.26). English.  The           
    bestiary : a book of beasts : being a translation from a Latin bestiary of  
    the twelfth century.  New York : Putnam, 1960, c1954.                       
  398.4 B561                                                                    
  Bible. English. Authorized. 1979.  The Holy Bible : containing the Old and    
    New Testaments : Authorized King James Version with words of Christ in red, 
    maps, and selected helps to Bible study.  [Red letter ed.].  Nashville :    
    Broadman & Holman, c1979.                                                   
  220.52034 B582                                                                
BYZANTINE EMPIRE--HISTORY.                                                      
  The Oxford history of Byzantium.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford University       
    Press, 2002.                                                                
  949.502 O982                                                                  
CAMUS, ALBERT, 1913-1960. SELECTIONS.                                           
  Camus, Albert.  The fall, & Exile and the kingdom.  New York, Modern Library  
  843.914 C211f                                                                 
CAULFIELD, HOLDEN (FICTITIOUS CHARACTER).                                       
  Salinger, J. D.  The catcher in the rye.  [Book club ed.].  Boston : Little,  
    Brown, c1951.                                                               
  813.54 S1652                                                                  
  Crane, Stephen.  The red badge of courage : an authoritative text,            
    backgrounds and sources, criticism.  2d ed.  New York : Norton, c1976.      
  813.49 C891re                                                                 
CHARITABLE USES, TRUSTS, AND FOUNDATIONS.                                       
  The foundation directory 2012.  34th ed., 2012.  New York : Foundation        
    Center, 2012.                                                               
  361.7632 F771                                                                 
  The foundation directory 2012. Part 2.  21st ed. 2012.  New York :            
    Foundation Center, 2012.                                                    
  361.7632 F772                                                                 
  Goldwhite, Harold.  College chemistry.  1st ed.  San Diego : Harcourt Brace   
    Jovanovich, c1984.                                                          
  540 G624                                                                      
  Chaucer, Geoffrey.  Selections from the Tales of Canterbury, and short poems. 
    Boston, Houghton Mifflin [1966]                                             
  821.17 C496sf                                                                 
  Kierkegaard, Sren.  Fear and trembling.  Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England :  
    Penguin Books ; New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Viking Penguin, 1985.              
  198.9 K475f                                                                   
CIVILIZATION, WESTERN--HISTORY--TEXTBOOKS.                                      
  Perry, Marvin.  Western civilization : a concise history.  Complete ed.       
    Boston : Houghton Mifflin, c1981.                                           
  909.09821 P464                                                                
CIVILIZATION, WESTERN, IN LITERATURE.                                           
  Ghanoonparvar, M. R.  In a Persian mirror : images of the West and            
    Westerners in Iranian fiction.  1st ed.  Austin : University of Texas       
    Press, 1993.                                                                
  891.5509321821 G411                                                           
COAL MINERS--ENGLAND--FICTION.                                                  
  Lawrence, D. H.  Sons and lovers.  New York : Viking, c1913.                  
  823.912 L419sl                                                                
COLLEGE READERS.                                                                
  Elkins, William R., comp.  Literary reflections.  New York, McGraw-Hill       
  808.04275 E439                                                                
COLLEGE READERS.                                                                
  Making literature matter : an anthology for readers and writers.  4th ed.     
    Boston : Bedford/St. Martins, c2009.                                        
  808.0668 M235                                                                 
COLLEGE READERS.                                                                
  The resourceful reader.  6th ed.  Boston : Thomson/Wadswoth, c2004.           
  808.0427 R434                                                                 
COLLEGE READERS.                                                                
  Thaiss, Ann Jeffries.  A sense of value : a thematic reader.  Mountain View,  
    Calif. : Mayfield Pub., c1994.                                              
  808.0427 T364                                                                 
CONRAD, JOSEPH, 1857-1924. HEART OF DARKNESS.                                   
  Conrad, Joseph.  Heart of darkness : complete, authoritative text with        
    biographical and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from     
    five contemporary critical perspectives.  2nd ed.  Boston : Bedford Books   
    of St. Martin's Press, c1996.                                               
  823.912 C754h                                                                 
  Meredith, George.  The egoist; a comedy in narrative.  Boston, Houghton       
    Mifflin [1958]                                                              
  823.8 M559                                                                    
Crime and punishment.                                                           
  Dostoyevsky, Fyodor.  Crime and punishment.  Garden City, N.Y. :              
    International Collectors Library, American Headquarters, [19--]             
  891.733 D724cp                                                                
  Mandel, Eli.  Criticism: the silent-speaking words.  [Toronto] Canadian       
    Broadcasting Corporation [c1966]                                            
  801.95 M271                                                                   
CRITICISM--GREAT BRITAIN.                                                       
  Enright, D. J. ed.  English critical texts, 16th century to 20th century.     
    London, Oxford University Press, 1962(1966).                                
  801.9 E595                                                                    
  Tolstoy, Leo, graf.  The death of Ivan Ilych, and other stories.  [New York]  
    New American Library [1960]                                                 
  891.733 T654di                                                                
DEATH--LITERARY COLLECTIONS.                                                    
  Death in literature.  New York : McGraw-Hill, c1977.                          
  808.80354 D285                                                                
DICKENS, CHARLES, 1812-1870. GREAT EXPECTATIONS.                                
  Dickens, Charles.  Great expectations : complete, authoritative text with     
    biographical and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from     
    five contemporary critical perspectives.  Boston : Bedford Books of St.     
    Martin's Press, c1996.                                                      
  823.83 D548gx                                                                 
DOSTOYEVSKY, FYODOR, 1821-1881--TRANSLATIONS INTO ENGLISH.                      
  Dostoyevsky, Fyodor.  Three short novels of Dostoevsky.  Garden City, N.Y. :  
    International Collectors Library, American Headquarters, [1960]             
  891.733 D724t                                                                 
DRACULA, COUNT (FICTITIOUS CHARACTER)--FICTION.                                 
  Hambly, Barbara.  Renfield : slave of Dracula.  New York : Berkley Books,     
    2007, c2006.                                                                
  PB H199r                                                                      
DRACULA, COUNT (FICTITIOUS CHARACTER)--FICTION.                                 
  Stoker, Bram.  Dracula : complete, authoritative text with biographical,      
    historical, and cultural contexts, critical history, and essays from        
    contemporary critical perspectives.  New York : Palgrave, c2002.            
  823.8 S874                                                                    
  Paolini, Christopher.  Eragon.  New York : Alfred A Knopf, c2003.             
  PB P211e                                                                      
DRAMA--20TH CENTURY.                                                            
  Nine plays of the modern theater.  New York : Grove Press ; [Berkeley,        
    Calif.?] : Distributed by Publishers Group West, [1990?], c1981.            
  808.8204 N714                                                                 
DUBLIN (IRELAND)--FICTION.                                                      
  Joyce, James.  Dubliners.  Harmondsworth, Eng. ; New York : Penguin Books,    
  823.912 J89du                                                                 
EDUCATION, HIGHER--AIMS AND OBJECTIVES.                                         
  Barnett, Ronald.  Imagining the university.  New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.  
  378.01 B261                                                                   
  Essex, Nathan L.  A teacher's pocket guide to school law.  Boston : Pearson   
    Education, c2006.                                                           
  344.7307 E788                                                                 
ELIOT, GEORGE, 1819-1880. MIDDLEMARCH.                                          
  Eliot, George.  Middlemarch : an authoritative text, backgrounds, reviews     
    and criticism.  1st ed.  New York : Norton, c1977.                          
  823.88 E428m                                                                  
ELIOT, T. S. 1888-1965--ETHICS.                                                 
  Kirk, Russell.  Eliot and his age; T.S. Eliot's moral imagination in the      
    twentieth century.  [1st ed.].  New York, Random House [c1971]              
  B E427g                                                                       
ENGLISH DRAMA.                                                                  
  Pagnol, Marcel.  Topaze.  Great Neck, N.Y. : Barron's Educational Series,     
    inc., c1958.                                                                
  842.912 P139                                                                  
ENGLISH FICTION.                                                                
  Hardy, Thomas.  The mayor of Casterbridge.  New York : Heritage Press, c1964. 
  823.89 H2722                                                                  
  Howell, James F.  Brief handbook for writers.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :       
    Prentice-Hall, c1989.                                                       
  808.042 H859b                                                                 
ENGLISH LANGUAGE--RHETORIC.                                                     
  Leebron, Fred.  Creating fiction : a writer's companion.  Fort Worth :        
    Harcourt Brace College Publishers, c1995.                                   
  808.3 L482                                                                    
ENGLISH LANGUAGE--RHETORIC.                                                     
  O'Hare, Frank.  The writer's work : a guide to effective composition.  Brief  
    3rd ed.  Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Prentice Hall, c1990.                       
  808.042 O368                                                                  
ENGLISH LANGUAGE--RHETORIC.                                                     
  Scholes, Robert.  Text book : writing through literature.  3rd ed.  Boston :  
    Bedford/St. Martin's, c2002.                                                
  808.0422 S368                                                                 
  Harris, Muriel.  The writer's FAQs : a pocket handbook.  Upper Saddle River,  
    N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c2000.                                                
  808.42 H315                                                                   
ENGLISH LITERATURE--19TH CENTURY.                                               
  Literature and culture at the Fin de Siecle.  1st ed.  New York : Pearson     
    Longman Publishers, c2007.                                                  
  820.8008 L776                                                                 
ENGLISH POETRY.                                                                 
  Goldbarth, Albert.  Heaven and earth : a cosmology : poems.  Athens :         
    University of Georgia Press, c1991.                                         
  811.54 G618h                                                                  
ENGLISH POETRY.                                                                 
  The new Oxford book of English verse, 1250-1950.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford  
    University Press, 1972.                                                     
  821.008 N532                                                                  
ENGLISH POETRY--18TH CENTURY.                                                   
  Wordsworth, William.  Selected poems and prefaces.  Boston, Houghton Mifflin  
  821.71 W926sp                                                                 
ENGLISH POETRY--20TH CENTURY--DICTIONARIES.                                     
  The Oxford companion to twentieth-century poetry in English.  Oxford          
    [England] ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1996.                       
  821.910903 O983                                                               
EPIC POETRY, LATIN--TRANSLATIONS INTO ENGLISH.                                  
  Virgil.  The Aeneid of Virgil.  Anchor book ed.  New York : Doubleday, 1953,  
  873.1 V816av                                                                  
EPIC POETRY, TURKISH--TRANSLATIONS INTO ENGLISH.                                
  Kitabi Dada Gorgud. English.  The book of Dede Korkut : a Turkish epic.  1st  
    pbk. print.  Austin : University of Texas Press, 1991, c1972.               
  398.22 K621                                                                   
EUROPE--HISTORY, MILITARY--1492-1648.                                           
  Arnold, Thomas F.  The Renaissance at war.  London : Cassell, 2001.           
  355.009409031 A759                                                            
  Faulkner, William.  As I lay dying.  New York : Random House, c1957.          
  813.52 F263al                                                                 
FAULKNER, WILLIAM, 1897-1962.                                                   
  William Faulkner, Eugene O'Neill, John Steinbeck.  New York : A. Gregory,     
  808.8 W716                                                                    
  Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von.  Wilhelm Meister's apprenticeship.  New York :   
    Heritage Press, c1959.                                                      
  832.62 G593w                                                                  
  Bailey, Tom.  A short story writer's companion.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford   
    University Press, 2001.                                                     
  808.31 B156                                                                   
FICTION--19TH CENTURY.                                                          
  Classics of modern fiction : twelve short novels.  5th ed.  Fort Worth :      
    Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publishers, c1993.                        
  808.8309034 C614                                                              
FICTION--20TH CENTURY--HISTORY AND CRITICISM.                                   
  Kershner, R. B.  The twentieth-century novel : an introduction.  Boston :     
    Bedford ; Basingstoke : Macmillan, 1997.                                    
  809.304 K417                                                                  
FORSTER, E. M. 1879-1970. HOWARDS END.                                          
  Forster, E. M.  Howards End : complete, authoritative text with biographical  
    and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from five             
    contemporary critical perspectives.  Boston : Bedford Books, c1997.         
  823.912 F733h                                                                 
FREDERICK II, 1712-1786.                                                        
  Mitford, Nancy.  Frederick the Great.  London ; New York : Penguin Books,     
  B F852M2                                                                      
FRENCH LITERATURE--TRANSLATIONS INTO ENGLISH.                                   
  Miller, James E. comp.  Translations from the French.  [Glenview, Ill.]       
    Scott, Foresman [1970]                                                      
  840.8 M647                                                                    
GAY MEN--FRANCE--FICTION.                                                       
  Gide, Andre.  The counterfeiters; with Journal of The counterfeiters.  New    
    York, Vintage Books [1973, c1951]                                           
  843.912 G453f                                                                 
GERMANIC PHILOLOGY--PERIODICALS.                                                
  The Germanic review.  Washington [etc.] Heldref Publications [etc.]           
  Duno, Steve.  KISS guide to golf.  1st American ed.  New York, N.Y. :         
    Dorling Kindersley Pub., c2000.                                             
  PB D925k                                                                      
GREAT BRITAIN--HISTORY--ANNE, 1702-1714--FICTION.                               
  Thackeray, William Makepeace.  The history of Henry Esmond, Esquire.  London, 
    Hamilton [1947]                                                             
  823.82 T363hh                                                                 
HAUNTED HOUSES--UNITED STATES--FICTION.                                         
  Graham, Heather.  Ghost walk.  Don Mills, Ont. : MIRA, [2011].                
  PB G739g                                                                      
  Hirsch, E. D.  Validity in interpretation.  New Haven : Yale University       
    Press, c1967.                                                               
  801.95 H669                                                                   
HORROR TALES.                                                                   
  Conrad, Joseph.  Heart of darkness and other stories.  Ware, Hertfordshire :  
    Wordsworth Editions, 1999.                                                  
  823.89 C754hd                                                                 
  Morgan, David.  Medieval Persia, 1040-1797.  London ; New York : Longman,     
  955.02 M847                                                                   
  The Oxford history of Islam.  New York, N.Y. : Oxford University Press,       
  297.09 O984                                                                   
JAMES FAMILY.                                                                   
  James, Alice.  The diary of Alice James.  New York, Dodd, Mead [1964]         
  920.7 J272                                                                    
JAMES, WILLIAM, 1842-1910--CORRESPONDENCE.                                      
  James, William.  The letters of William James.  Boston : Atlantic Monthly     
    Press, c1920.                                                               
  813.46 J297                                                                   
  Hiaasen, Carl.  Basket case.  New York : Warner Books, [2003]                 
  PB H623b                                                                      
JOYCE, JAMES, 1882-1941. DEAD.                                                  
  Joyce, James.  The dead : complete, authoritative text with biographical and  
    historical contexts, critical history, and essays from five contemporary    
    critical perspectives.  Boston : Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press,       
  823.912 J89de                                                                 
KENNEDY, JOHN F. 1917-1963--ASSASSINATION.                                      
  O'Reilly, Bill.  Killing Kennedy : the end of Camelot.  First edition.  New   
    York : Henry Holt and Company, 2012.                                        
  PB O667k                                                                      
KENNEDY, JOHN F. 1917-1963--ASSASSINATION--FICTION.                             
  King, Stephen.  11/22/63 : a novel.  1st Scribner hardcover ed.  New York :   
    Scribner, 2011.                                                             
  PB K544el                                                                     
KNOWLEDGE, THEORY OF.                                                           
  Hume, David.  An enquiry concerning human understanding, and, selections      
    from A treatise of human nature. With Hume's autobiography and a letter     
    from Adam Smith.  La Salle, Ill., Open Court Pub. Co., 1963.                
  192 H921e                                                                     
Lady Chatterley's lover.                                                        
  Lawrence, D. H.  Lady Chatterley's lover.  [3rd. manuscript version].         
    Garden City : Nelson Doubleday, [19--].                                     
  823.912 L419lc                                                                
LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION.                                                         
  Profession. 2012.  New York : Modern Language Association of America, 2012.   
  407.1 P964                                                                    
  Scholtes, Peter R.  The leader's handbook : making things happen, getting     
    things done.  New York : McGraw-Hill, c1998.                                
  658.4092 S368                                                                 
LEE, ROBERT E. 1807-1870.                                                       
  Dowdey, Clifford.  Lee.  New York : Bonanza Books, [c1965]                    
  B L4793d                                                                      
Light in August.                                                                
  Faulkner, William.  Light in August.  New York : Modern Library, c1959.       
  813.52 F263la                                                                 
  Abramowitz, Isidore, ed.  The great prisoners ... the first anthology of      
    literature written in prison.  New York, E.P. Dutton & Co., 1946.           
  808.8 A161                                                                    
  Great books of the Western World.  Chicago : W. Benton : Encyclopaedia        
    Britannica, c1952.                                                          
  808 G7862                                                                     
  Harmon, William.  A handbook to literature.  8th ed.  Upper Saddle River,     
    N.J. : Prentice Hall, c2000.                                                
  803 H288                                                                      
LITERATURE, MODERN--HISTORY AND CRITICISM.                                      
  Hamburger, Michael.  Art as second nature : occasional pieces, 1950-74.       
    Cheadle : Carcanet New Press, 1975.                                         
  809.03 H199                                                                   
LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS--DRAMA.                                                    
  The General [videorecording] Steamboat Bill Jr.  Plattsburgh, N.Y. ;          
    Westmount, Quebec, Canada : DSSP Inc., c2003.                               
  791.4372 G326                                                                 
LOGISTICS--HISTORY--TO 1500.                                                    
  Engels, Donald W.  Alexander the Great and the logistics of the Macedonian    
    army.  Berkeley : University of California Press, c1978.                    
  355.4109381 E575                                                              
  James, Henry.  The Princess Casamassima.  1st Harper Colophon ed.  New        
    York : Harper & Row, 1964.                                                  
  813.46 J272p                                                                  
LUBBOCK, PERCY.                                                                 
  James, Henry.  The sense of the past.  London [etc] W. Collins Sons & Co.     
  813.46 J272s                                                                  
  Bronte, Emily.  Wuthering Heights.  Garden City, N.Y. : International         
    Collectors Library, [19-]                                                   
  823.89 B869w4                                                                 
MAN-WOMAN RELATIONSHIPS--FICTION.                                               
  Dickens, Charles.  Great expectations.  Centennial ed.  Geneva : Edito-       
    Service : Distributed by Heron Books, [1967?]                               
  823.83 D548ge                                                                 
METHODIST CHURCH--NEW YORK (STATE)--CLERGY--FICTION.                            
  Frederic, Harold.  The damnation of Theron Ware.  San Francisco : Rinehart    
    Press, c1960.                                                               
  813.49 F853d                                                                  
  Childs, John.  Warfare in the seventeenth century.  London : Cassell, 2001.   
  355.009409032 C537                                                            
MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE--MATHEMATICAL MODELS.                                  
  Dupuy, Trevor N.  Numbers, predictions, and war : using history to evaluate   
    combat factors and predict the outcome of battles.  Indianapolis : Bobbs-   
    Merrill, c1979.                                                             
  355.40184 D945                                                                
MILITARY HISTORY.                                                               
  The Reader's companion to military history.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin,       
  355.009 R286                                                                  
MILITARY HISTORY, MODERN--18TH CENTURY.                                         
  Black, Jeremy.  Warfare in the eighteenth century.  London : Cassell, 1999.   
  355.009033 B627                                                               
MILITARY HISTORY, MODERN--20TH CENTURY.                                         
  Carver, Michael.  War since 1945.  London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, c1980.   
  909.82 C331                                                                   
MOLINO VIEJO (SAN MARINO, CALIF.).                                              
  Cleland, Robert Glass.  El Molino Viejo.  [Los Angeles] : Ward Ritchie Press, 
  979.493 C624                                                                  
MOUNTAIN LIFE--FICTION.                                                         
  Wolfe, Thomas.  Look homeward, angel : a story of the buried life.  New       
    York : Scribner, c1952.                                                     
  813.52 W855lh                                                                 
NAMES, GEOGRAPHICAL--CALIFORNIA.                                                
  Sanchez, Nellie Van de Grift.  Spanish and Indian place names of              
    California : their meaning and their romance.  San Francisco : A.M.         
    Robertson, 1930.                                                            
  979.4 S211                                                                    
  Editor & publisher international year book.  New York : Editor & Publisher    
    Co., c1959-2011.                                                            
  Guiley, Rosemary.  Harper's encyclopedia of mystical & paranormal experience. 
    1st ed.  [San Francisco] : HarperSanFrancisco, c1991.                       
  133.03 G956                                                                   
OWEN, MARK, 1976?                                                               
  Owen, Mark.  No easy day : the autobiography of a Navy SEAL : the firsthand   
    account of the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden.  New York, New York :   
    Dutton, [2012]                                                              
  958.1046 O974                                                                 
PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES--FICTION.                                              
  Hugo, Victor.  The hunchback of Notre Dame.  Garden City : International      
    Collectors Library, [19--]                                                  
  843.78 H895h                                                                  
PEOPLE WITH MENTAL DISABILITIES--FICTION.                                       
  Faulkner, William.  The sound and the fury.  Garden City, N.Y. :              
    International Collectors Library, c1956.                                    
  813.52 F263souf                                                               
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS.                                                          
  Harbour, Jerry L.  Basics of performance measurement.  New York : Quality     
    Resources, c1997.                                                           
  658.3125 H255                                                                 
PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT.                                                           
  McGregor, Douglas.  The human side of enterprise : 25th anniversary printing. 
    New York : McGraw-Hill, c1985.                                              
  658.3 M478                                                                    
PHILOSOPHY, CHINESE.                                                            
  Yi jing. English.  I ching : the book of change ; a new translation of the    
    ancient Chinese text with detailed instructions for its practical use in    
    divination.  New York : Dutton, 1968, c1965.                                
  299.51482 I113                                                                
PHILOSOPHY, MODERN.                                                             
  Mayer, Frederick.  A history of modern philosophy.  New York, American Book   
    Co. [1951]                                                                  
  190.9 M468                                                                    
PHILOSOPHY, MODERN--18TH CENTURY.                                               
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  843.54 V935                                                                   
  Drake, Barbara.  Writing poetry.  2nd ed.  Fort Worth : Harcourt Brace        
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PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS--FICTION.                                                 
  Hiaasen, Carl.  Tourist season : a novel.  Warner Books ed.  New York :       
    Warner Books, [1987], c1986.                                                
  PB H623t                                                                      
PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL PATIENTS--FICTION.                                         
  Collins, Wilkie.  The woman in white.  New York, Heritage Press [1964]        
  823.89 C713w                                                                  
  Boss, Medard.  Psychoanalysis and daseinsanalysis.  New York, Basic Books     
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PUBLIC SPEAKING.                                                                
  Verderber, Rudolph F.  The challenge of effective speaking.  7th ed.          
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  808.51 V483                                                                   
PUPPETS--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                      
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    Candlewick, 2012.                                                           
  813.6 S344s                                                                   
QADDAFI, MUAMMAR.                                                               
  Tremlett, George.  Gadaffi : the desert mystic.  1st Carroll & Graf ed.  New  
    York : Carroll & Graf, 1993.                                                
  961.2042 T789                                                                 
QUOTATIONS, ENGLISH.                                                            
  Five thousand quotations for all occasions.  Book club ed.  Garden City, N.Y. 
    : Doubleday, c1945.                                                         
  808.8 F565                                                                    
RADIO PLAYS.                                                                    
  Dracula [sound recording].  Schiller Park, IL : Radio Spirits, p2001.         
  791.447 D757                                                                  
RADIO PLAYS.                                                                    
  Frankenstein [sound recording].  Schiller Park, IL : Radio Spirits, p2001.    
  791.447 F829                                                                  
RADIO PLAYS.                                                                    
  The Werewolf ; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [sound recording].  Schiller Park,     
    IL : Radio Spirits, p2001.                                                  
  791.447 W487                                                                  
SAINT BARTHOLOMEW'S DAY, MASSACRE OF, FRANCE, 1572.                             
  Diefendorf, Barbara B.  The Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre : a brief        
    history with documents.  Boston, Mass. ; New York : Bedford/St. Martin's,   
  944.029 D559                                                                  
SELF-ACTUALIZATION (PSYCHOLOGY).                                                
  U, Myong.  Stop living in this land : go to the everlasting world of          
    happiness : live there forever.  1st ed.  Arlington, MA : Cham Books,       
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SHAW, BERNARD, 1856-1950--CORRESPONDENCE.                                       
  Shaw, Bernard.  Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell, their correspondence. 
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  928.2 S534                                                                    
SHORT STORIES.                                                                  
  Fiction.  2nd ed.  New York : Longman, c1998.                                 
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SHORT STORIES.                                                                  
  The Norton anthology of short fiction.  6th ed.  New York : Norton, 2000.     
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SHORT STORIES.                                                                  
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SHORT STORIES.                                                                  
  The Riverside anthology of literature.  2nd ed.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin    
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  Fowlie, Wallace, ed.  French stories. Contes francais.  [New York] Bantam     
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SHORT STORIES--INSTRUCTION AND STUDY.                                           
  The Riverside anthology of literature : instructor's resource manual.  2nd    
    ed.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., c1991.                                  
  808.8 R623                                                                    
Sister Carrie.                                                                  
  Dreiser, Theodore.  Sister Carrie.  Garden City, N.Y., International          
    Collectors Library [n.d.]                                                   
  813.52 D771sc                                                                 
SLAVERY--MIDDLE EAST--HISTORY.                                                  
  Lewis, Bernard.  Race and slavery in the Middle East : an historical enquiry. 
    New York : Oxford University Press, 1990.                                   
  306.3620956 L673                                                              
SOUTHWEST, NEW--DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL.                                         
  Couts, Cave Johnson.  Hepah, California! The journal of Cave Johnson Couts    
    from Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to Los Angeles, California, during the   
    years, 1848-1849.  [Tucson] Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society, 1961.     
  917.9 C871                                                                    
SPIRITUAL LIFE--QUOTATIONS, MAXIMS, ETC.                                        
  Franck, Frederick.  A little compendium on that which matters.  New York :    
    St. Martin's Press, 1993.                                                   
  291.4 F822                                                                    
STALIN, JOSEPH, 1879-1953.                                                      
  Ulam, Adam Bruno.  Stalin; the man and his era.  New York, Viking Press       
  947.08420924 U36                                                              
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS--TABLES.                                                  
  Roark, Raymond J.  Roark's formulas for stress and strain.  7th ed.  New      
    York : McGraw-Hill, c2002.                                                  
  620.112 R628                                                                  
SUCCESS--PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS.                                                 
  Covey, Stephen R.  The seven habits of highly effective people : restoring    
    the character ethic.  1st Fireside ed.  New York : Fireside Book, 1990.     
  PB C873s                                                                      
SYMBOLISM (PSYCHOLOGY).                                                         
  Pollio, Howard R.  The psychology of symbolic activity.  Reading, Mass.,      
    Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. [1974]                                              
  153.42 P775                                                                   
    Thoreau, Henry David.  Walden and other writings of Henry David Thoreau.    
    New York, The Modern Library [c1937]                                        
  818.31 T488wa                                                                 
  The Kid [videorecording] Tillie's punctured romance.  Plattsburgh, N.Y. ;     
    Westmount, Quebec, Canada : DSSP Inc., c2003.                               
  791.4372 K463                                                                 
  The Civil War CD-ROM [electronic resource] the War of the Rebellion : a       
    compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies.    
    Version 1.6.  Carmel, IN : Guild Press of Indiana, c2000.                   
  973.76 C582                                                                   
UNITED STATES--SOCIAL LIFE AND CUSTOMS--FICTION.                                
  James, Henry.  The spoils of Poynton, and other stories.  Garden City, N.Y.,  
    Doubleday, 1971.                                                            
  813.46 J27sp                                                                  
VOICE CULTURE.                                                                  
  Fisher, Hilda B.  Improving voice and articulation.  2d ed.  Boston :         
    Houghton Mifflin, [1975]                                                    
  808.5 F533i                                                                   
VOYAGES, IMAGINARY--EARLY WORKS TO 1800.                                        
  Swift, Jonathan.  Gulliver's travels : complete, authoritative text with      
    biographical and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from     
    five contemporary critical perspectives.  Boston : Bedford Books of St.     
    Martin's Press, c1995.                                                      
  827.52 S977gt                                                                 
WAR--BIBLICAL TEACHING.                                                         
  Herzog, Chaim.  Battles of the Bible.  London : Greenhill Books ;             
    Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, 2002.                                  
  221.95 H582                                                                   
WOMEN--ENGLAND--HISTORY--17TH CENTURY--FICTION.                                 
  Defoe, Daniel.  The fortunes & misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders &c.    
    Garden City, N.Y. : International Collectors Library, [1960?]               
  823.5 D314                                                                    
WOMEN--FRANCE--HISTORY--19TH CENTURY--FICTION.                                  
  Flaubert, Gustave.  Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary.  Garden City, N.Y. :    
    International Collectors Library, c1949.                                    
  843.84 F587m/4                                                                
  Ibsen, Henrik.  A doll's house.  Dover ed.  New York : Dover Publications,    
  839.8226 I14d2                                                                
WOMEN--POLITICAL ACTIVITY--TURKEY--HISTORY.                                     
  Peirce, Leslie P.  The imperial harem : women and sovereignty in the Ottoman  
    Empire.  New York : Oxford University Press, 1993.                          
  305.4209561 P378                                                              
  Hartman, Geoffrey H.  The unmediated vision; an interpretation of Wordsworth, 
    Hopkins, Rilke, and Valery.  New York, Harcourt, Brace & World [1966]       
  809.1 H333                                                                    
WORKING CLASS WOMEN--FICTION.                                                   
  Stein, Gertrude.  Three lives.  Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's, c2000.         
  813.52 S819tl                                                                 
WORLD WAR, 1914-1918.                                                           
  Haythornthwaite, Philip J.  The World War One source book.  London : Arms     
    and Armour ; New York, NY : Distributed in the USA by Sterling Pub. Co.,    
  940.3 H426                                                                    
WORLD WAR, 1939-1945.                                                           
  Lyons, Michael J.  World War II : a short history.  2nd ed.  Englewood        
    Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c1994.                                        
  940.53 L991                                                                   
YOUNG MEN--FICTION.                                                             
  Joyce, James.  A portrait of the artist as a young man : complete,            
    authoritative text with biographical and historical contexts, critical      
    history, and essays from five contemporary critical perspectives.           
    Boston : Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press, c1993.                        
  823.912 J891p                                                                 
YOUNG WOMEN--POETRY.                                                            
  Pope, Alexander.  The rape of the lock.  Boston : Bedford Books, c1998.       
  821.53 P825r                                                                  
  Cohen, Mitchell.  Zion and state : nation, class, and the shaping of modern   
    Israel.  Columbia University Press morningside ed.  New York : Columbia     
    University Press, 1992.                                                     
  956.9404 C678                                                                 
ZOO ANIMALS--FICTION.                                                           
  Hiaasen, Carl.  Native tongue.  1st Ballantine Books ed.  New York : Fawcett  
    Crest, 1992, c1991.                                                         
  PB H623na                                                                     
January 01, 2013 - March 31, 2013                                               
  Pinkney, Andrea Davis.  Hand in hand : ten Black men who changed America.     
    1st ed.  New York : Disney/Jump at the Sun, c2012.                          
  973.0496073 P655h                                                             
  King, Martin Luther, Jr.  I have a dream.  1st ed.  New York : Schwartz &     
    Wade Books, c2012.                                                          
  323.092 K537i                                                                 
ATOMIC BOMB--HISTORY.                                                           
  Sheinkin, Steve.  Bomb : the race to build and steal the world's most         
    dangerous weapon.  New York : Roaring Brook Press, c2012.                   
  623.45119 S543b                                                               
BASKETBALL STORIES.                                                             
  Myers, Christopher.  H.O.R.S.E.: a game of basketball and imagination.  New   
    York : Egmont USA, 2012.                                                    
  813.6 M996h                                                                   
BEDTIME--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                      
  Logue, Mary.  Sleep like a tiger.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012.  
  813.6 L832s                                                                   
CARROTS--PICTORIAL WORKS--JUVENILE FICTION.                                     
  Reynolds, Aaron.  Creepy carrots!  1st ed.  New York : Simon & Schuster       
    Books for Young Readers, c2012.                                             
  813.6 R462c                                                                   
CHILDREN'S POETRY, AMERICAN.                                                    
  Prelutsky, Jack.  The headless horseman rides tonight : more poems to         
    trouble your sleep.  1st Mulberry ed.  New York, NY : Mulberry, 1992.       
  811.54 P924h                                                                  
DAVE, FL. 1834-1864--JUVENILE LITERATURE.                                       
  Hill, Laban Carrick.  Dave the potter : artist, poet, slave.  1st ed.  New    
    York : Little, Brown, 2010.                                                 
  738.092 H646                                                                  
FISHES--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                       
  Klassen, J.  This is not my hat.  1st ed.  Somerville, Mass. : Candlewick     
    Press, 2012.                                                                
  813.6 K634t                                                                   
GORILLA--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                      
  Applegate, Katherine.  The one and only Ivan.  1st ed.  New York : Harper,    
  813.6 A648o                                                                   
KINDNESS--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                     
  Woodson, Jacqueline.  Each kindness.  New York, NY : Nancy Paulsen Books,     
  813.6 W898e                                                                   
MARRIAGE--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                     
  Lyons, Kelly Starling.  Ellen's broom.  New York, NY : G. P. Putnam's Sons,   
  813.6 L991e                                                                   
MICHAUX, LEWIS H., 1885-1976--JUVENILE FICTION.                                 
  Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux.  No crystal stair : a documentary novel of the life  
    and work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem bookseller.  Minneapolis : Carolrhoda     
    Lab, c2012.                                                                 
  813.6 N431n                                                                   
  Turnage, Sheila.  Three times lucky.  New York : Dial Books for Young         
    Readers, c2012.                                                             
  813.6 T942t                                                                   
January 01, 2013 - March 31, 2013                                               
  Catalog of federal domestic assistance.  Washington, D.C. : Office of         
    Management and Budget : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S.G.P.O.          
  338.973 C357                                                                  
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