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UNIV OF RIO GRANDE                                                              
QUARTERLY ACCESSIONS LIST REPORT                                                
April 01, 2012 - June 30, 2012                                                  
April 01, 2012 - June 30, 2012                                                  
  Poole, Helen Lee.  The Mississippi!  New York : Kensington Pub., 1984.        
  813.54 R823wm                                                                 
AFRICAN AMERICANS--MUSIC--HISTORY AND CRITICISM.                                
  Krehbiel, Henry Edward.  Afro-American folksongs; a study in racial and       
    national music.  New York, G. Schirmer [c1914]                              
  784.756 K921                                                                  
AIRPLANE CRASH SURVIVAL.                                                        
  Read, Piers Paul.  Alive; the story of the Andes survivors.  [1st ed.].       
    Philadelphia : Lippincott, [1974]                                           
  982.6 R284                                                                    
  Coble, Colleen.  Alaska twilight.  [Special ed.].  Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas  
    Nelson, [2011]                                                              
  PB C656a                                                                      
  Schwartz, Delmore.  Selected essays of Delmore Schwartz.  Chicago,            
    University of Chicago Press [1970]                                          
  820.90091 S399                                                                
AMERICAN POETRY--20TH CENTURY.                                                  
  Hall, Donald, ed.  New poets of England and America.  New York : Meridian     
    Books, 1957.                                                                
  808.81 H175np                                                                 
  Keyes, Marian.  Anybody out there?  1st ed.  New York : William Morrow, 2006. 
  PB K445a                                                                      
  Mahony, Patrick.  Barbed wit & malicious humor.  [1st ed.].  New York,        
    Citadel Press [1956]                                                        
  808.87 M214                                                                   
  Garis, Robert, ed.  Writing about oneself: selected writing.  Boston Heath    
  920.002 G232                                                                  
AUTOMOBILE RACING--BIOGRAPHY.                                                   
  Nolan, William F.  Men of thunder; fabled daredevils of motor sport.  New     
    York, Putnam [1964]                                                         
  796.720922 N789                                                               
BECKETT, SAMUEL, 1906-1989--DRAMATIC WORKS.                                     
  Reid, Alec.  All I can manage, more than I could: an approach to the plays    
    of Samuel Beckett.  [Chester Springs, Pa.] : Dufour Editions, [1968]        
  842.914 R396                                                                  
  The Changing Bedouin.  New Brunswick, USA : Transaction Books, c1984.         
  305 C466                                                                      
CALDER, ALEXANDER, 1898-1976.                                                   
  Calder, Alexander.  A salute to Alexander Calder; sculpture, watercolors and  
    drawings, prints, illustrated books, and jewelry in the collection of the   
    Museum of Modern Art.  New York : Museum of Modern Art, [1969]              
  730.924 C146                                                                  
CHORAL MUSIC--BIBLIOGRAPHY.                                                     
  Anderson, Linda Allen.  The foundation of artistry : an annotated             
    bibliography of distinctive choral literature for high school mixed choirs. 
    [Lawton, Okla.] : American Choral Directors Association, 2002.              
  016.7825 A545                                                                 
CHRISTMAS STORIES.                                                              
  Miller, Linda Lael.  Holiday in Stone Creek.  Don Mills, Ont., Canada : HQN,  
  PB M648h                                                                      
  Two classical comedies.  Arlington Heights, Ill. : H. Davidson, [1986],       
  882.4 T9742                                                                   
COLOMBIA--POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT--1946.                                        
  Martz, John D.  Colombia; a contemporary political survey.  Chapel Hill,      
    University of North Carolina Press [1964, cl962]                            
  986.1063 M388                                                                 
  Colorado highway route guides.  Denver, Colo. : Association of American       
    Geographers, 1963.                                                          
  917.88 C719                                                                   
ENGLISH LANGUAGE--COMPOSITION AND EXERCISES.                                    
  Flesch, Rudolf.  The art of plain talk.  New York ; London : Harper &         
    Brothers, 1946.                                                             
  808 F611a                                                                     
  Beloff, Max Beloff, Baron.  The age of absolutism: 1660-1815.  New York :     
    Harper & Row, 1966, c1954.                                                  
  940.22 B452                                                                   
  Albrecht-Carrie, Rene.  Europe since 1815; from the ancien regime to the      
    atomic age.  New York, Harper [1962]                                        
  940.28 A342                                                                   
EUROPE--POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT--1815-1848.                                     
  Langer, William L.  Political and social upheaval : 1832-1852.  [1st ed.].    
    New Yor : Harper & Row, c1969.                                              
  940.203 L276                                                                  
FALLON, DIANE (FICTITIOUS CHARACTER)--FICTION.                                  
  Connor, Beverly.  Dead guilty : a Diane Fallon forensic investigation.  New   
    York, NY : Onyx Book, c2004.                                                
  PB C753d                                                                      
  Connor, Beverly.  Dead secret : a Diane Fallon forensic investigation.        
    New York : New American Library, 2005.                                      
  PB C753ds                                                                     
  Connor, Beverly.  One grave too many : a Diane Fallon forensic                
    investigation.  New York, N.Y. : New American Library, c2003.               
  PB C753o                                                                      
  Connor, Beverly.  Scattered graves : a Diane Fallon forensic                  
    investigation.  New York, NY : Obsidian, c2009.                             
  PB C753s                                                                      
FAMILIES--NEVADA--LAS VEGAS--FICTION.                                           
  Michaels, Fern.  Vegas sunrise.  New York, NY : Zebra Books/Kensington Pub.   
    Corp., [2011]                                                               
  PB M621v                                                                      
FEMALE FRIENDSHIP--FICTION.                                                     
  Caldwell, Laura.  The good liar.  Don Mills, Ont. : MIRA Books, c2008.        
  PB C147g                                                                      
FEMALE FRIENDSHIP--FICTION.                                                     
  Michaels, Fern.  Home free.  New York : Kensington Pub. Corp., c2011.         
  PB M621h                                                                      
FRANCE--COURT AND COURTIERS.                                                    
  Levron, Jacques.  Daily life at Versailles in the seventeenth and eighteenth  
    centuries.  [1st American ed.].  New York : Macmillan, [1968]               
  914.4365 L667                                                                 
  Michaels, Fern.  Yesterday.  New York : Zebra Books, Kensington Pub. Corp.,   
    2001, c1995.                                                                
  PB M621y                                                                      
IRISH LITERATURE--TRANSLATIONS INTO ENGLISH.                                    
  Greene, David H. ed.  An anthology of Irish literature.  New York, Modern     
    Library [1954]                                                              
  820.82 G799ai                                                                 
  Uris, Leon.  Exodus.  [New York, Bantam Books, 1959]                          
  813.54 U76ex                                                                  
JOYCE, JAMES, 1882-1941.                                                        
  Burgess, Anthony.  Re Joyce.  New York, W. W. Norton [1965]                   
  823.912 B955j                                                                 
  Michaels, Fern.  Betrayal.  New York : Kensington Pub. Corp., c2011.          
  PB M621b                                                                      
MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY--UNITED STATES.                                         
  Navasky, Victor S.  Naming names.  1st Hill and Wang ed.  New York : Hill     
    and Wang, 2003.                                                             
  384.80973 N322                                                                
MOTION PICTURES.                                                                
  Young, Vernon.  On film: unpopular essays on a popular art.  Chicago,         
    Quadrangle Books, 1972.                                                     
  791.43 Y77                                                                    
  Music Educators' National Conference (Committee on Contemporary Music).       
    Contemporary music; a suggested list for high schools and colleges.         
    Washington ; [1964]                                                         
  780.016 M987                                                                  
NAVAL BIOGRAPHY--DICTIONARIES.                                                  
  Wilson, Alastair.  Who's who in naval history : from 1550 to the present.     
    London : New York : Routledge, 2004.                                        
  359.00922 W746                                                                
  Nightingale, Florence.  Notes on nursing : what it is, and what it is not.    
    New York : D. Appleton, 1898.                                               
  610.73 N688                                                                   
  Eliot, T. S.  The three voices of poetry.  2nd ed.  Published for the         
    National Book League by Cambridge University Press, 1955.                   
  808.1 E42t                                                                    
POLAND--HISTORY--OCCUPATION, 1939-1945.                                         
  Karski, Jan.  Story of a secret state.  Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1944.   
  943.8 K18                                                                     
  Graham, Heather.  Deadly harvest.  Don Mills, Ont. : MIRA Books, 2008.        
  PB G739d                                                                      
PS3563.A85 A75 1966                                                             
  Matthews, Jack.  An almanac for twilight.  Chapel Hill, University of North   
    Carolina Press, 1966.                                                       
  811.54 M439a                                                                  
PURDY, JAMES. MALCOLM.                                                          
  Albee, Edward.  Malcolm; [play].  [1st ed.].  New York, Atheneum, 1966.       
  811.54 A328m                                                                  
  Hunter, Denise.  A cowboy's touch.  Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas Nelson, c2011.  
  PB H945c                                                                      
RECREATION--UNITED STATES--BIOGRAPHY.                                           
  Butler, George D.  Pioneers in public recreation.  Minneapolis, Burgess Pub.  
    Co. [1965]                                                                  
  790.922 B985                                                                  
  Durkheim, Emile.  The elementary forms of the religious life.  Mineola, N.Y.  
    : Dover Publications, Inc., 2008.                                           
  306.6 D963                                                                    
  Lubasz, Heinz, ed.  Revolutions in modern European history.  New York,        
    Macmillan [1966]                                                            
  940.2 L926                                                                    
RICH PEOPLE--FICTION.                                                           
  Clark, Mary Higgins.  I heard that song before.  1st Pocket Books pbk. ed.    
    New York : Pocket Books, 2008, c2007.                                       
  PB C594i                                                                      
RODANTHE (N.C.)--FICTION.                                                       
  Sparks, Nicholas.  Nights in Rodanthe.  New York : Grand Central Pub., 2008,  
  PB S736n                                                                      
ROME--HISTORY--EMPIRE, 30 B.C.-476 A.D.                                         
  Gibbon, Edward.  The decline and fall of the Roman Empire.  [1st American     
    ed.].  New York, Harcourt, Brace [1960]                                     
  937.06 G439                                                                   
SELF-REALIZATION IN WOMEN--FICTION.                                             
  White, Karen.  The beach trees.  New York : New American Library Accent,      
  PB W585b                                                                      
SELLERS, JOHN, 1970.                                                            
  Sellers, John.  The old man and the swamp : a true story about my weird dad,  
    a bunch of snakes, and one ridiculous road trip.  1st Simon & Schuster      
    trade pbk. ed.  New York : Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2011.               
  PB S467o                                                                      
SKIN DIVING.                                                                    
  Tillman, Albert A.  Skin and scuba diving.  Dubuque, Iowa, W.C. Brown Co.     
  797.23 T576                                                                   
SPORTS--PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS.                                                  
  Singer, Robert N.  Sustaining motivation in sport.  Tallahassee, Fla. :       
    Sport Consultants International, c1984.                                     
  796.01 S617                                                                   
SUBURBAN LIFE--NEW JERSEY--FICTION.                                             
  Grodstein, Lauren.  A friend of the family : a novel.  1st ed.  Chapel Hill,  
    N.C. : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2009.                                
  PB G873f                                                                      
TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS--FICTION.                                             
  Iles, Greg.  The footprints of God.  Pocket Star Books pbk. ed.  New York :   
    Pocket Star Books, 2008, c2003.                                             
  PB I277f                                                                      
  Rinaldi, Ann.  A break with charity : a story about the Salem witch trials.   
    New York : Scholastic, 2005, c1992.                                         
  PB R578b                                                                      
Trouble up Finny's Nose : a Finny's Nose mystery.                               
  Mentink, Dana.  Trouble up Finny's Nose : a Finny's Nose mystery.             
    Uhlrichsville, OH : Barbour Pub., c2008.                                    
  PB M549t                                                                      
TURKEY--POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT--20TH CENTURY.                                  
  Kramer, Heinz, Dr.  A changing Turkey : the challenge to Europe and the       
    United States.  Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2000.      
  956.1039 K89                                                                  
    Palmer, Diana.  Dangerous.  Don Mills, Ont. : HQN, c2010.                   
  PB P173d                                                                      
UNITED STATES--GUIDEBOOKS.                                                      
  Ford, Norman D.  Off the beaten path; where to vacation or stay-a-while in    
    America's own bargain paradises.  10th ed. rev.  Greenlawn, N.Y., Harian    
    Publications; trade distributor: Crown Publishers, c1967.                   
UNITED STATES--HISTORY.                                                         
  Elson, Henry William.  Side lights on American history.  New York, Macmillan, 
  973 E688                                                                      
WOMEN COMEDIANS--FICTION.                                                       
  Hannah, Kristin.  Summer Island : a novel.  New York : Ballantine Books,      
    [2002], c2001.                                                              
  PB H243s                                                                      
WOMEN PIONEERS--FICTION.                                                        
  Turner, Nancy E.  These is my words : the diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-   
    1901 : Arizona territories : a novel.  1st ReganBooks/HarperPerennial ed.   
    New York : ReganBooks, 1999.                                                
  PB T949t                                                                      
WORLD WAR, 1939-1945--PROPAGANDA.                                               
  Germany. Reichsministerium fur Volksaufklarung und Propaganda.  The secret    
    conferences of Dr. Goebbels; the Nazi propaganda war, 1939-43.  [1st ed.].  
    New York, E.P. Dutton, 1970.                                                
  940.5488743 B671                                                              
WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD, 1867-1959.                                                 
  Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd.  Frank Lloyd Wright: his life, his work, his words.  
    New York : Horizon Press, [1966]                                            
  720.924 W952                                                                  
April 01, 2012 - June 30, 2012                                                  
CROCODILES--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                   
  Dahl, Roald.  The enormous crocodile.  1st Borzoi Books ed.  New York : A.A.  
    Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 2000.                                  
  823.914 D131e                                                                 
DOGS--JUVENILE FICTION.                                                         
  Raschka, Christopher.  A ball for Daisy.  1st ed.  New York : Schwartz &      
    Wade Books, c2011.                                                          
  813.6 R223b                                                                   
ELECTRIC POWER FAILURES--JUVENILE FICTION.                                      
  Rocco, John.  Blackout.  1st ed.  New York : Disney/Hyperion Books, c2011.    
  813.6 R671b                                                                   
UNDERGROUND RAILROAD--JUVENILE LITERATURE.                                      
  Evans, Shane.  Underground.  1st ed.  New York : Roaring Brook Press, 2011.   
  973.7115 E929                                                                 
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