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The ERIC Database indexes two kinds of publications. An "EJ" is an "educational journal" or educational related periodical like Phi Delta Kappan or Educational Leadership.

An "ED", or "educational document", is anything else but an article from a periodical. ED's can be unpublished reports, speeches, guides, studies, etc.

In the title list in ERIC: "EJ" citations will have a periodical title in italics with dates and volume numbers; "ED" citations will not.

ERIC ED Documents Now Online & Free!

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) offers all ED Documents (reports, speeches, guides, studies, etc.) from 1993 to the present free and online at their Homepage:  We at Davis Library maintains our collection of ED Documents on microfiche from 1984 to 2003.  Davis Library has all of the ED documents on microfiche starting with ED 247 370 arranged by ED number. ED's are great sources for research and information. Education Faculty like ED's and Davis Library has a lot of them on microfiche which is easy to use!
For online documents, OhioLINK also provides access to ERIC through EBSCOhost.
For more information on Educational Resources in Davis Library, see our Education Pathfinder. 
Ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk to learn how to view microfiche and make your own paper copies. Ask for assistance at the Reference Desk for help with the ERIC Database. Have a question about this or any other services provided by Davis Library?  Email both Reference Librarians simultaneously at  Tim Snow and/or Amy Wilson will try and find a quick answer to your question or solution to your problem.