"The sorority shall be organized to build the bonds of sisterhood that will last for a lifetime; to promote scholarship among our members; to serve Rio Grande and to fulfill the needs of each unique person who chooses to take membership, regardless of race, handicap, creed, color or religion."

Greek Letters




Black, Red, White



Distinguished Alumni


Lambdas around campus:
The ladies of Lambda Omicron Psi can be found all over campus participating in a variety of different events due to the diversity of our majors and individual experiences.
Our majors range from Music to Psychology, Nursing to Wildlife Management, Education to English, and more.
We are very active in a variety of groups, outside of Lambda, that can be found around campus: Psychology Club, Enactus, Wildlife Society, Grand Chorale, Search, etc. All students are invited to join us in participating in these groups at any given time!
Individual Activities
Brooke Wolni and Ally Waddell during Rock Ensemble (Spring '15)
Kelcie Severs during American Kestrel Nestbox Checks (Summer '15)
Graceyn Gibson, Paris Morris, and Brooke Wolni during American Free Enterprise and Leadership Conference for High School Students (Summer '15)
Kristen Rollins (2nd from left) induction into Sigma Tau Delta / English Honor Society
(Spring '15)
 Stephanie Thompson (alumni), Brooke Wolni, and Paris Morris at an Enactus Competition
Group Activities
45th Anniversary White Dove Ball (Spring '16)
St. Patricks Day Bake Sale (Spring '16)
Park Cleanup with AGC (Fall '15)
Invite - Slumber Party with Potentials (Fall '15)
Open Rush in the "Lambda Room" (Fall '15)



Move in day by Davis Hall (Fall '15)


Greek Games (Spring '15)


Lambda Christmas Party (Fall '14)


Just hanging out~