Media Services


Equipment Checkout
IDMS has a wide variety of equipment available for checkout to staff and students.
The list includes:
Video Cameras
Digital Still Cameras
Overhead Projectors
LCD Projectors
Mic and Speaker Systems
Technical Support of AV Equipment
Having trouble with a piece of equipment or would just like to know to use a piece of equipment? IDMS is here to help.
Whether it is a multimedia podium of an overhead that needs a bulb, IDMS can help solve the problem. We just don’t do Windows. The computer operating system that is! Call Campus Computing and Networking for those issues.
Dubbing & Conversion
IDMS can dub and convert most formats of audio and video. Many types of equipment are no longer being produced such as slide projectors. We can save your old material to a digital format that you can still use with today’s technology.
Digital format conversions:
Photographic slides & prints to JPG
Record or audio cassette to CD
Videotape to DVD
Audio & Video Production
We can help instructors produce media to better illustrate concepts to students and we can assist students with class projects that require audio or video media.
Distance Learning
We support web based distance learning and H.323 video conferencing as well as university Skype services and accounts. All you need to do is give us the date or dates, the time and duration, and the IP number for the connection and the rest will be taken care of.