Instructional Design Services

The Instructional Design side of the IDMS Office provides faculty with the highest level of instructional design support to increase creativity and use of instructional technology. We are committed to assisting faculty in the design and development of instructional materials for online and hybrid courses. To this end, we provide individual consultations, small group workshops and online resources.


The staff is available to assist faculty with the following:

  • Creating online course content.
  • Troubleshoot Online course instructional design issues.
  • Establishing optimal design of curriculum and instruction.
  • Managing online course instruction.
  • Manages the Learning Management System. (Blackboard 9.1 SP12)
  • Effective uses of multimedia.
  • Professional, technical support and training.
  • Blackboard course management training.
  • ADA compliance in online courses.

Blackboard User manuals