Course Descriptions for Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate Core


EDT 57901 Portfolio: Candidates are introduced to the concept portfolios which must document learning related to every class required for graduation.  Candidates are expected to plot a trajectory to generate evidence of the process of learning. Candidates will be taught how to set up a portfolio, reflect on professional practice, etc.  Reflections should document the personal, pedagogical, and philosophical journey students take through the program.  The graduate student’s advisor will assist the student in the development of the portfolio and will be one of a committee of three to evaluate final presentations of the portfolio by the student upon completion of all course work. (1 semester hour) Portfolio is a prerequisite to all coursework.

EDT 50403 Learning Theory: This course is designed to review and contrast various learning theories in light of current brain research, societal/environmental influences and school practices. This course focuses on historical foundations of the study of learning and the relationship of learning theories to student learning, classroom settings and instructural modifications. (3 semester hours)

EDT 50603 Curriculum: This course is focused on skills as related to the development and organization of curriculum materials and implementation of the learning program with students. The course will review curriculum and design in respect to the pupils, discipline and societal needs. Ohio curriculum models in various areas will be explored in relation to the development of motor, cognitive, academic, social, language, affective, career and functional skills for individuals with and without exceptional tie. (3 semester hours)

EDT 50303 Teaching Models: This course focuses on several instructional models and how these models may be applied in the school system. The candidate will compare and contrast constructivism, cooperative learning, direct instruction, inquiry-based learning, and technology in schooling/learning. (3 semester hours)

EDT 50501 Teachers as Leaders: The focus of this course is on the empowerment of teachers as agents of change in curriculum and instruction. (1 semester hour)

EDT 55502 Educational Research and Evaluation Methods: This course will develop knowledge about and skills in using quantitative and qualitative methods in educational research. It will further prepare Master’s Degree candidates for future research endeavors. This course recognizes that different research questions require different data gathering techniques. A balanced approach to research methods will be used with equal time devoted to quantitative and qualitative research. Students will also analyze research methodology within both qualitative and quantitative research. Research material will be accessed via the internet, Ohio Link, video based and hard copy, library based resources. To be taken near the end of the program with Practicum. (2 semester hours)