Course Descriptions for Integrated Arts Concentration


FPA 56101 Functions of the Arts. In this course, definitions of art are explored and the uses of art are considered. Students explore the contexts in which art is created and how art serves society. Students then learn to value each art independently. (1 semester hour)

FPA 56201 Multicultural Arts.  This course focuses on cultural infusion through the arts and how art reflects the culture that produces it.  (1 semester hour)

FPA 56602 Experiential Travels. In this course, students are expected to TRAVEL in a group to a major city with the express purpose to attend a full schedule of cultural events, tour museums and architectural landmarks, and meet with artists and scholars. Cultural centers might include New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, London, Rome, etc. Can be repeated. (2 semester hours)

FPA 56402 Appalachian Culture. This course explores the geographic and sociological definitions of the Appalachian region. Students will survey the unique qualities of Appalachia’s regional traditions, life styles, and value systems through research, literature, film, fine arts, and crafts, which offer a greater understanding of the commonalties found in children produced by this culture.  (2 semester hours)

FPA 56502 Video in the Classroom.  This course trains teachers to explore the many effective uses of the video camera in the classroom as a tool for enhancing the learning process. (2 semester hours)

FPA 57001 Experiencing Music. This course is designed to cause students to consider “interactive” learning and establish that people live within their senses and process sense gathered information. Students are encouraged to discover that ideas can be shaped from music.  The course objective is to encourage the students to experience the “process” in meaningful ways.  This course features music activities suited for use in the classroom.  Can be repeated. (1semester hour)

FPA 57101 Experiencing Art. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to create through visual and tactile stimuli.  Emphasis will be placed on the “process” rather than the “product” with freedom for the student to risk failure.  Failure is an important learning tool for visual creativity.  This course will feature art activities suitable for public classroom instruction.  Can be repeated. (1 semester hour)

FPA 57201 Experiencing Theatre. This course explores human interaction as an effective means of “interactive” learning.  All people live within their senses and process sense gathered information.  The students are encouraged to experience the “process” of improvisation, scripting, puppetry, and dance in meaningful ways.  This course features a wide variety of activities suited for the classroom.  Can be repeated.  (1 semester hour)

FPA 57301 Interdisciplinary Experience. This course is designed to teach students to integrate arts disciplines within a thematic approach to learning art, music, theatre, dance, literature, and the more standard subject areas. Extremely effective learning situations can be structured through creative activities. This course often features team-taught activities suited for use in the classroom. Can be repeated. (1 semester hour)