FALL Semester, 2014

ART 10303 Art Appreciation All Sections

ART 12301 Art Portfolio

ART 10403 Two Dimensional Design

ART 12403 Drawing

ART 15404 Western Art History I

ART 20104 Raster Graphics

ART 20204 Vector Graphics

ART 23504 Ceramics I

ART 26604 Darkroom Photography I

ART 28802 Selected Topics in Art-Lyles

ART 28802 Selected Topics in Art-Allen

ART 30104 Junior Design Studio I

ART 33504 Ceramics II

ART 36503 Non-Western Art History

ART 36604 Darkroom Photography II

ART 38504 Drawing II

ART 40104 Senior Design Studio II

ART 43504 Ceramics III

ART 46604 Darkroom Photography III

ART 48804 Selected Topics in Art Section 01-Allen

FPA 10503 Fine Arts Section 40-Briggs/Vinton

FPA 10503 Fine Arts Section 60-Briggs/Meigs

FPA 10503 Fine Arts Section 70 and 71-Landrum (shared syllabus for both sections)

FPA 56602-Experiential Travel

LA 10001-Gateway to Success-Allen

LA 10001-Gateway to Success-Kenney

MUS 10000 Concert Attendance

MUS 10201 Piano Lab Practicum

MUS 10302 Aural Training I

MUS 10403 Music Appreciation Section 01-Stewart

MUS 10403 Music Appreciation Section 02-Michal

MUS 12101 Symphonic Band

MUS 12103 Music Theory I

MUS 13101 Masterworks Chorale

MUS 15101 Instrumental Lab Practicum (shared syllabus for all sections)

MUS 16101 Voice Lab Practicum

MUS 18101 Jazz Ensemble

MUS 18301 Rock Ensemble

MUS 19101 Grande Chorale

MUS 20003 Music in the Curriculum

MUS 20302 Aural Training III

MUS 21002 Woodwind Method

MUS 22103 Music Theory III

MUS 25101 Songwriting

MUS 30102 Form and Analyses

MUS 30502 Conducting I

MUS 34101 Piano Lab Practicum

MUS 36101 Voice Lab Practicum

MUS 44602 AYA Music Methods Choral

THR 10503 Introduction to Theater

THR 12302 Acting