Songwriting Club

Rio's Songwriting Club, and Songwriting class, help students learn songwriting, music technology and entrepeneurship in Rio's new recording studio.

Nestled in the beautiful Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, The University of Rio Grande is home of a unique experiment in the performing arts. To survive in today’s rapidly changing industry, today’s musicians wear many hats! Performing, composing and arranging, audio recording and production, web design, marketing, networking, entrepreneurship. URG offers todays aspiring stars the opportunity to develop all of these skills, and more. Students are involved in every aspect of their own development, from building acoustic treatments for our studio to developing stage presence and performance skills through performances at Coffeehouse Nights, and Random Acts of Music around campus and the community.

Student and local musicians best work may be selected for release on RioRecords, our own student run record label. Our first CD, released last spring was immediately signed for the licensing catalog of a major record company! For information on how you can become involved in songwriting at the University of Rio Grande contact Scott Michal.

Topics discussed will include:

•Lyric Construction and Story Telling
•The power of Rhythm
•Writing Melodies with a strong Hook
•Using Chord Progressions to add emotional impact to your lyrics
•How to create a great arrangement 
•MIDI orchestration
•Music for Video Games or Motion Pictures
•Recording Techniques including Microphone selection and placement
•Mixing in a 4 dimensional sound field.
•Using audio plugins and processors
•Mastering Techniques
•Home Studio Construction
•Marketing and building a fan base.
•How to get gigs
•Self publishing
•Networking in the Music Business

RioRecords is grateful for assistantship and partnerships with ADK Mics, Audio Ease, Sonalksis, McDSP, OctavaMods and Parma Records.