Exhibition Requirement

Exhibition Form

As a requirement of the BFA program, each Art Major (BFA and Art Ed, including Associates Degree candidates) is required to make a good faith effort to exhibit his or her work each semester. This effort could be any of the following:

Entering a Juried Show

Organizing (and exhibiting) a group or solo show

Getting a commision or sale

Completing a design project for a client

For Seniors, applying to Grad School will count.

Other activities may be acceptable. Consult with your instructors.

The Rio student show, Gallery at 409, and the Markay Gallery show will not fulfill this requirement. These are good shows and you should enter work in them, but you should be constantly looking for more opportunities. These are student shows, and you should be entering professional shows as well.

You must fulfill this requirement once per semester to avoid getting a grade of "I" or incomplete for the semester. (Beginning February 12, 2014, the University has changed requirements for incompletes. Starting Spring Semester 2014, students failing to complete this requirement will suffer a 5% grade reduction) One show or entry will fulfill the requirement for every ART course you are enrolled in this semester. You get credit for the semester in which the activity occured. If you enter a show in November, show proof of that entry to your instructors to get credit for Fall Semester. If you get accepted to the show, and the show is in April, you still need to enter another show in Spring Semester.

Although online shows are easy and often free, they are not nearly as prestigious, fulfilling or (potentially) profitable as physical shows in which your work is actually shipped to a gallery. Students are highly encouraged to enter work in actual, rather than “virtual” shows.

Individual faculty may grant extra credit for being accepted in a show, or winning prizes. Consult with your instructor to see if this is an option for your course.

Use the form above, and save it as “exhibition_astudent.docx”, and include it on your AQIP disk for each art course you take this semester. You only need to enter one exhibition each semester to complete this requirement for all of your ART courses.