About the Center

One of the unique features of the Emerson E. Evans School for Business’ MBA in Entrepreneurship program is its involvement with helping businesses throughout southeast Ohio.

The MBA program was carefully developed around the Center for Small Business Entrepreneurship to apply the principles of Entrepreneurship to hands-on experience in a realistic business environment. Applying principles in marketing, communications, or finance, can be challenging in the classroom, much less to a new and developing business person. You may have heard of that old cliché about “book knowledge” not being applicable to real world – well our MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Evans School of Business will not only helps students bridge that potential gap, it helps them become a more qualified applicant for any business position.

The academic term for hands-on experience is “Experiential Learning”. The Center for Small Business Entrepreneurship is the hub of experiential learning in business for the Emerson E. Evans School of Business at the University of Rio Grande. We work with faculty, students, local business professionals, community leaders, and Ohio State University South Centers Certified Business Development Specialists to provide genuine experiential learning opportunities and assist the region with small business development and economic growth opportunities.

The Center for Small Business Entrepreneurship offers a wide array of services to support the business community in southeastern Ohio.

  • Experiential Learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate internships
  • Student Advising for MBA students
  • "Business Talk" a weekly Blog Talk, Television, & Radio Program
  • Small Business Development Counseling and Assistance