Programs & Degrees

The School of Engineering Technologies offers many programs and degrees.  If you find a program that interest you, just click the program for more information.

Degrees Offered With The Computer Science Program
- Bachelor of Science - Major in Computer Science
- Bachelor of Science - Comprehensive Major in Computer Science with Concentration           
  in Software Engineering for National Security Enterprise . 
- Bachelor of Science or Arts - Minor in Computer Science
- Associate of Applied Science - IT: Programming and Software Development

Degrees Offered With The FW Program
- Two-Year Degree
- One-Year Degree
- Bachelor Industrial Technology 2 + 2 (BSIT)

Degrees Offered With The Industrial Automation & Maintenance Program
- Two-Year ATS Degree

Degrees Offered With The BSIT Program
- BS Degree (2 + 2)

Information Technology (IT)

Degrees Offered With The IT Program
Information and Support Services
- Network Systems
    - Two-Year ATS Degree 
    - Bachelor of Technical Studies (BTS)

Degrees Offered With The Technical Studies Program
- Associate Degree (ATS)
- Bachelor Degree (BTS)

Degrees Offered With The Welding Program
- Two-Year ATS Degree
- One-Year Certificate