Required Courses


Bachelor of Science - Sports and Exercise Studies    
General Education Required Courses:       42 Total Hours
  Course # Course Description Year Offered Grade Prerequisite
COMMUNICATION SKILLS (9 Semester Hours)        
  COM 11103 Fundamentals of Speech Communication   F SP SU    
  ENG 11103 Composition I   F SP SU    Placement Test
  ENG 11203 Composition II   F SP SU   ENG 11103,C
HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (2 Semester Hours)        
  HPE 10101 Human Wellness & Physical Fitness   F SP SU    
  HPE   (Choose 1 **Activity Course)   F SP SU    
ARTS & HUMANITIES (9-10 Semester Hours)        
Group I - Choose one          
  ART  10304 Art Appreciation   F SP    
  MUS 10403 Music Appreciation   F SP    
  FPA 10503 Fine Arts   F SP     
Group II - Choose one        
  ENG 24103 Literary Imagination   F SP   can take w/ ENG 11203
  HUM 20103 The Humanities   F SP    
  PHR 21103 Philosophical Inquiry   F SP    
Group III - Choose one        
  HIS 13103 World Civilization I   F SP    
  HIS 13203 World Civilization II   F SP    
SOCIAL SCIENCE (9 Semester Hours)        
  SSC 11103 Introduction to Social Science   F SP    
  PSY 11103 General Psychology   F SP    
Group I - Choose one          
  ATH 12103 Anthropology   F SP    
  HIS 12203 American History II   F SP    
  POL 11103 Am. National Government   F SP    
LIBERAL ARTS (Required for all entering Freshmen)  (1 Semester Hour)        
  LA 10101 Freshman Success   F SP      
MATHEMATICS & NATURAL SCIENCE (12 Semester Hours)        
  MTH 21404 Introductory Probability and Statistics   F SP   Placement Test
  BIO 11404 Principles of Biology   F SP SU    
  CHM 10404 Principles of Chemistry   F SP SU   Placement Test
Advisor's Comments:        
Date Advisor Comments        
Bachelor of Science - Sports and Exercise Studies (7441)    126 Total Hours
  Course # Course Description Year Offered Grade Prerequisite
General Education Must Include:  (10 Semester Hours)        
  PSY 21103 Human Growth and Development   F SP   PSY 11103
  CS 10103 PC Applications   F SP    
  BIO 30404 Human Anatomy and Physiology   F SP   BIO 11404 & CHM 10404
Selected Minor and Personal Electives:  (29 Semester Hours)        
Major Area Required Courses:  (45 Semester Hours)        
  HPE 10403 Introduction to Sport & Exercise Professions   F SP    
  HPE 24302 Safety & First Aid   F SP    
  HPE 25201 Treatment of Athletic Injuries   F SP    
  HPE 26202 Drug Education      SP    
  HPE 32403 Evaluation of Human Physical Performance   F   MTH 21404
  HPE 36203 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise   F     SU    
  HPE 34403 Introduction to Biomechanics      SP   BIO 2/30404
  HPE 41403 Physical Education for Exceptional Childeren      SP    
  HPE 40403 Exercise Physiology   F   BIO 2/30404
  HPE 48403 Administration of Physical Activity Programs   F    
  HPE 43403 Motor Learning      SP    
  HPE 49804 Sports and Exercise Internship   F SP   Senior standing
Choose one          
  HPE 15103 Team Sports I   F    
  HPE 16103 Team Sports II      SP    
Choose one          
  HPE 22201 Officiating Softball/Baseball   F    
  HPE 22301 Officiating Basketball   F    
  HPE 22401 Officiating Volleyball      SP    
Choose one          
  HPE 25302 Coaching Football   F even    
  HPE 25402 Coaching Basketball   F    
  HPE 25502 Coaching Track and Field      SP    
  HPE 25602 Coaching Baseball and Softball   F    
  HPE 25702 Coaching Volleyball   F    
Choose 5 ** Activity Courses        
  HPE 11601 Golf   F SP    
  HPE 12401 Badminton   F SP    
  HPE 13301 Racquetball   F SP    
  HPE 13401 Weight Training      SP    
  HPE 19801 Walking for Physical Fitness   F SP    
  HPE 11101 Archery   F SP    
  HPE 11201 Beginning Swimming   F SP    
  HPE 11301 Intermediate      SP    
  HPE 11701 Swimming for Physical Fitness   F SP    
  HPE 11901 Folk and Social Dance      SP    
  HPE 12501 Gymnastics I      SP    
  HPE 11401 Lifeguard Training      SP