College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences provides students a liberal arts background in the areas of humanities, specific competencies related to mathematics and sciences, and career programs related to the disciplines within each school.

The College of Arts and Sciences comprises of three schools: School of Fine Arts, School of Liberal Studies, and the School of Sciences.

The college offers the majority of courses within the General Education Program, many of which are included in the Ohio Transfer Module. These courses provide students with a coherent academic foundation, equipping them with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and competencies needed for success in a rapidly changing world.

Please refer to the particular School for degrees, programs, and/or certification they have to offer.

Staff and Contact:

Dr. David Lawrence Kenni Horton
Dean Secretary
College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences
Bob Evans Farms Hall 221 Bob Evans Farms Hall 223
Phone: 740.245.7182 Phone: 740.245.7182 Fax: 740.245.7110