Mission Statement

The mission of the Chaplaincy Program is to extend ministry to all students, staff, faculty, and administration for the express purpose of facilitating the personal spiritual unfolding of individuals.

Spirituality in this context refers to seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. It includes the development of a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and the natural forces that exist in the universe. It also involves the development of personal values and ethics.

Working Together for a Better World!

The University of Rio Grande provides nondiscriminatory educational opportunities for the pursuit of academic excellence. The educational experience provides opportunities to develop a balance of intellectual, aesthetic, social and physical qualities; in addition, the University strives to assist the student in meeting their emotional and spiritual needs, all of which characterize the total human experience.

Of the University's mission, the Chaplaincy Program assists the student in the development of the spiritual dimension of their person. The Chaplaincy provides an unbiased, non-sectarian approach to spirituality.

Who We Are

  • We do not bring God to the campus: rather, we affirm and celebrate a God who is always and everywhere present.
  • We will not tell you how to live; rather, we will discuss and explore life’s options. Knowing who you are is the challenge of university life and we welcome the opportunity to join with you in the journey of discovery.
  • We believe that all human beings have been created spiritual with spiritual needs, and our purpose is to serve students at the University of Rio Grande by helping them meet those needs in a very real and tangible way.
  • We help meet those needs by pursuing a friendship and providing a listening ear from someone who cares. We also offer Bible studies, counseling, residence hall programs, and other activities.
  • We exist because we believe that dialog and friendship between different faiths is both necessary and good.


The volunteers give their time to minister to the needs of individuals, regardless of tradition or faith. The ministry will seek to provide services in the following ways.


Personal problem solving and support is offered to students and others in the University. Everyone is invited to stop by the Volunteer Chaplaincy office or make an appointment by calling (740) 245-7339.

Academic Life

The ministry will provide resources upon request in the classroom setting, encourage development of religious studies and course offerings, and other appropriate involvement in the teaching-learning arena.

Student Life

The ministry will seek to create opportunities to enrich student life by cooperating with student groups such as the Student Government Association, and for personal growth by providing small group encounters, Bible study groups, lectures, and other special activities.

Campus Wide Events are being planned by the Volunteer Chaplains
and The Student Chaplaincy Board.  Please see the news for what is being planned.


Pastor Gene Armstrong Mt. Carmel Baptist Church 388-8081
Pastor Ron Bynum Rodney Pike Church of God 245-9518
Pastor Julio F. Camacho Bucyrus Church of God of Prophecy (740) 978-2000
Pastor Terry Cavanaugh Calvary United Methodist 245-5751
Minister James Gavin Church of Christ of Rio Grande 740-256-6496
Pastor John Jackson New Life Lutheran Church 446-4889
  Marshall Kimmel URG Chaplaincy Secretary 245-7339
Pastor Pat King Oak Hill United Methodist (740) 682-7544
Pastor Tim Luoma First Presbyterian Church 446-1030
Pastor Thom Mollohan Pathway Community Church 245-9664
Pastor  Vinton Rankin Calvary Baptist Church 245-5228
Rev. D. John  Rozewicz Vega and Thurman United Methodist Church 245-5430
Elder Paul Sebastian St. Louis Catholic Church 446-0669
Pastor Jamie Sisson Fellowship of Faith Church 740-709-6750
Chaplain Fred Williams Holzer Hospital 446-5053



Chaplain Appointments By Arrangement

Contact: William E. Plants - Wood Hall 210 - (740) 245-7199
Coordinator of the Chaplaincy Program

University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, religion, age, disability, or national origin. University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College believes in equal opportunity  practices that conform to both the spirit and the letter of all laws against discrimination. University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College prohibits discrimination against any qualified person with a disability.