Dr. Chad Duncan Assistant Professor of Psychology
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My Courses

General Psychology

PSY 11103 (Tm) General Psychology. (3 Credit Hours).
Introduction to individual human behavior, history of 
psychology, present definition of psychology, perception
and sensation, intelligence and its measurement, maturation, 
principles of learning, motivation and emotions, personality, 
abnormal behavior, socialization, and group influence.
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Cognitive Psychology

PSY 22803 Cognitive Psychology. (3 Credit Hours).
This course will examine fundamental areas in cognitive 
psychology including, but not limited to, sensation and 
perception, attention, memory, and language.
Prerequisites: PSY 11103. 
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Physiological Psychology

PSY 24103 Physiological Psychology. (3 Credit Hours).
study of the physiological bases of sensation, motor functions, emotions, motivation, and complex behavior. Prerequisites: BIO 11404 (“C” letter grade or higher), PSY 11103 (“C” letter grade or higher).

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Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 36203 Research Methods. (3 Credit Hours).
An advanced study of the statistical, ethical, and practical 
aspects of experimental research design, implementation, 
and analysis. Must be taken concurrently with PSY 36204L. 
This course consists of a combination of lecture and lab. 
Prerequisites: (All with “C” letter grade or higher) ENG 
11203, PSY 20103.
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History & Systems in Psychology

PSY 47603 History and Systems of Psychology. (3 Credit 
Hours). A historical review of the important systematic 
positions in psychology viewed in a broad social and 
intellectual context. Emphasis will be given to the roots of 
psychology in philosophy, as well as modern theories of 
psychology as a science. Prerequisites: PSY 11103 (“C” letter 
grade or higher), PSY 24103 (“C” letter grade or higher), PSY 
47103 (“C” letter grade or higher) and Senior standing.
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Sensation & Perception

In this course we will examine the manner in which the brain encodes stimulus information that results in sensations and perceptions. We will utilize scientific research and concepts as we explore perception across all modalities with a focus on visual perception. We will also study the perceptual experiences of attention, time, and consciousness. For a more in-depth understanding of these processes we will look at scientific techniques that measure perceptual experiences.
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