Campus Life at Rio

The University of Rio Grande offers a variety of opportunities for students to be involved in campus life. Numerous activities that are recreational, educational, and cultural are offered throughout the academic year to accommodate the diverse interests of our students. Past events have included ski and hiking trips, concerts, coffeehouse acts, comedians, out-door carnival attractions, simulators, dances, fundraisers, professional hockey games, and NFL games. Student interests are the driving force behind planning campus activities. The Student Planning Board is comprised of student leaders interested in enhancing the college experience and is responsible for planning most campus events. The group is open to all interested students.

Total Living Plan

Once a student is signed up for the Total Living Plan option, they never have to worry about added cost.


  • Double Occupancy Room with utilities
  • Choice of Meal Plan (by Sodexo)
    Campus Dining Guide:
  • Internet (wi-fi)
  • HD Cable
  • A/C in room

Total 2013 Cost: $4,500.00 (per semester)

Resident Halls

The staff of the Office of Residence Life is here to provide you with an enjoyable and educational experience during your time on campus. Residential life is a unique opportunity for personal growth and development, new friendships, and great experiences.

Placement in the Resident halls is dependent upon your age as well as previous college experience.

Freshman students are housed in Davis Hall (Female) and Boyd Hall (Male).

Upperclassman students are housed in co-ed Halls: Holzer Hall (Suites), Moulton Hall (Academic), and Wellness (Athletic/Fitness).

Campus life, whether it involves Student Activities, Organizations, or day to day recreation are a vital part of a student’s time here at Rio.

Activities & Events

Welcome Back Weekend 2014-15.pdf

  • Welcome Weekend Events
  • Halloween (Dance and Party)
  • Homecoming (November)
  • Little Sibs Weekend (Spring)
  • RIOs Got Talent (February)
  • Spring Fling (April)
  • International Festival (April)
  • Multi-Cultural Affairs
  • Athletics & Intramural Sports
  • Greek Life
  • Campus Bible Studies

RED Zone

The RED Zone is a Lounge for all RIO Students. Residents and Commuters may both take full advantage of the resources available.

Operational Hours:

Monday – Friday
11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday
3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

RED Zone Activities:

  • Wifi Hotspot
  • Table Tennis
  • Xbox room
  • Popcorn


  • Pool Tables
  • Mini Theater
  • Wii room
  • Concessions/